Susan Kokinda

Susan Kokinda coordinates LaRouchePAC's work in the Midwest, having returned to her Michigan roots as a child of the "Arsenal of Democracy (her parents met building bombers at Willow Run in WWII)." She joined the early LaRouche movement on August 16, 1971, the day after Richard Nixon ended the Bretton Woods monetary system, recognizing that Lyndon LaRouche had been alone in forecasting that crisis and its consequences. She has worn many hats in the LaRouche movement, including White House correspondent, Capitol Hill liaison, author and researcher. Her main focus for the last 10 years has been organizing the "forgotten men and women" of the industrial heartland.

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published 2022—The Year That Will Save The Nation in Watch 2022-01-11 21:26:42 -0500

In the wake of the orchestrated riot at the U.S. Capitol, the global elites maniacally escalated their attack on Donald Trump and his movement, with the stated intention of obliterating both. They failed. Quite the opposite has happened. The louder their shrieks of "insurrection" and "threat to democracy," the more you know they have lost their control over a huge number of the American people.

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Maybe they think hyperventilating is a further protection against COVID, since apparently three shots and two masks aren’t enough. In recent days, the enemy has waxed even more hysterical than usual over the growth and consolidation of Donald Trump’s movement.

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On November 4, 2021, Donald Trump made a shocking proposal—that we create a society in which average Americans can raise a family on one income. Instead, we are living in a society in which, very soon, no number of incomes will be able to support a family. Crippling inflation is upon us. Hyperinflation is lurking in the shadows of the elite’s insane policies of deindustrialization, decarbonization, bailouts, and money printing.

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published How the American System Defeated Fascism in Watch 2021-09-20 08:39:42 -0400

How did two political opposites—New Deal President Franklin Roosevelt and GM President William Knudsen—come together to carry out the industrial mobilization which won World War II? Therein lies the secret of the American System. This class is a prelude to LaRouchePAC's new series: How to Re-Americanize the U.S. Economy

As was discussed in the first class in this series, Plato and the 2500-Year-Old Republican Party, the Persian Empire could not defeat Athens by military means. It corrupted the thinking of Athenian leaders and citizens alike, causing Athens to self-destruct.

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This article is reprinted from the Winter 2003 issue of FIDELIO Magazine. Plato's dialogues encompass an historical sweep of time, from Athens at its height in 450 B.C. to its defeat in the Peloponnesian War, to the death of Socrates in 399 B.C. and beyond. That more than half-century witnessed the self-destruction of Athens, as its imperial ambitions brought it into conflict with its neighboring city-states, especially Sparta, thus precipitating the Peloponnesian war in 432. A series of disasterous decisions led to Athens' ultimate defeat in 404.

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In 399, Plato's mentor, Socrates, was executed by the Democratic Party of Athens, a tool of an imperial oligarchy. Plato spent the rest of his life developing the ideas to defeat them, and to putting those ideas into action. Plato created his Academy and organized an international alliance of forces which, during his lifetime, militarily and politically challenged the Persian Empire. Later, Alexander the Great, taught by a member of Plato's Academy, defeated the Persians, only to be poisoned by Aristotle's allies. The battle between the forces of the Academy and Aristotle's faction was anything but "academic."

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Just as President Trump announced a historic class-action suit against Big Tech’s suppression of freedom of speech, Michigan’s new “odd couple” demonstrated why such an offensive is needed. Dana Nessel, the radical Democratic Attorney General of Michigan, embraced the recommendation of Republican State Senator Ed McBroom, Chairman of the State Senate Oversight Committee, and announced on July 8 that she will be using Michigan’s State Police to investigate Michigan citizens who are fighting to expose the fraudulent 2020 election. The hyper-liberal Detroit Free Press celebrated this with the headline, “AG Accepts GOP Lawmaker’s Request to Investigate Those Peddling Election Lies.” This is the newspaper that, last January, devoted an entire page to publishing the pictures of Michigan elected officials who supported President Trump’s claims of vote fraud, under the Orwellian headline, “The People of the Lie”!

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published On the Ground from Wellington, OH Trump Rally in Read 2021-06-27 19:58:42 -0400

LPAC organizer Susan Kokinda reports from on the ground in Wellington, OH at President Trump's first rally since January 6th. Thousands of people waiting for hours to get in (in some cases overnight). People are energized and enthusiastic, but what are the policies which will defeat our common enemy?

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published Battleground: Election Integrity - Michigan in Read 2021-06-25 19:32:46 -0400

Less than a week after Michigan citizens delivered 9,000 affidavits to the Michigan State Legislature demanding a forensic audit of the 2020 election, a “Republican”-led Senate Oversight Committee rejected all claims of vote fraud (without hearing from a single person involved in documenting such fraud) and called for the Michigan Attorney General, a radical Democrat, to investigate lawyers and activists who are leading the fight for election integrity in the state.

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published The ‘Lincoln Revolution’ In Action in Read 2021-04-03 11:35:04 -0400

The control that the global elites have held over the American political landscape has, for now, shattered. On March 30, U.S. Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) sent the following memo to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy: “URGENT: Cementing GOP as the Working Class Party.” This comes in the wake of the formation of “Look Ahead America,” an organization launched by former Trump campaign staffers, whose mission statement is to give a voice to the “millions of rural and blue-collar patriotic Americans who are disaffected and disenfranchised from the nation’s corridors of power.” 

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published Creating a Future with LaRouche's Economics in Watch 2021-03-12 20:20:43 -0500

Donald Trump, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon LaRouche—their commitment to mankind's exploration space is what the oligarchy fears the most. Channeling the technological optimism and economic promise of that will fuel the fight to retake the country in 2022.

If the elites are afraid of Donald Trump's takeover of the Republican Party and of his avowed intention to turn it into the party of working people, let's make them very afraid. Let's give that movement LaRouche's policies to shut-down the globalist, imperial system, and establish a world, governed by sovereign nations, and not central bankers and billionaires.

How was it that, fifty years ago, Lyndon LaRouche warned of the potential emergence of fascism in the United States, such as is playing out before our eyes today? But, the attempts to 'cancel' President Trump and his movement are hitting a brick wall of courage and passion. Add to that the economic strategy to defeat the fascist banking elite, and we will save this nation.

In 1980, Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche was openly and flagrantly defrauded of votes in the New Hampshire primary. Barbara Boyd, who was on the ground then, discusses the lessons of LaRouche's method of fighting for today's battle to defend the President and the Republic. Crucial to this is creating new independent institutions of policy, action and communications.