Intelligent people throughout the country now pretty much agree that Republicans and Democrats in Washington D.C. share various treasonous ideas, from continuing forever wars, to limiting speech, to not bothering to challenge explicitly fake elections, to participating in the four-year-and-counting persecution against Donald Trump. But the biggest thing they share is also dominant in the population—a view of men and women as beasts, as animals.

Current Republican orthodoxy (imported from Austria via the modern British Empire) says that if these animal natures are freely exercised without state regulation, invisible hands and market forces will line up and economic growth will follow. Current Democratic orthodoxy (imported from the social democracies of Europe) wants to put these animals in a zoo, classified by biological identity or lack thereof, and feed them via handouts.

Neither of these views have anything to do with a republic.

Our Declaration and Constitution put forward a completely different idea about humans, one which must be internalized now, in order to create in a new alliance of producers, as Lincoln did in creating the Republican Party and saving the nation.

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