In the wake of the orchestrated riot at the U.S. Capitol, the global elites maniacally escalated their attack on Donald Trump and his movement, with the stated intention of obliterating both. They failed. Quite the opposite has happened. The louder their shrieks of "insurrection" and "threat to democracy," the more you know they have lost their control over a huge number of the American people.

Sitting in jail in 1988, courtesy of the same British imperial forces which persecuted Donald Trump, Lyndon LaRouche foresaw this moment in history: "Every true revolutionary upsurge in history, is distinguished by two general preconditions:

1) It must become widely sensed that the existing regime has lost "the mandate of Heaven." Visibly, the signs are that God has turned his face against that regime.

2) The new government, implicit in the revolutionary movement, must be seen as qualified to receive "the mandate of Heaven."

The first condition has been fulfilled. In 2022, we must fulfill the second, and prepare ourselves to govern.

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