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On November 11, 2009, Lyndon LaRouche discussed the road out of the 2007-2008 world-wide economic collapse. That road was not taken and the United States' economy continued to be further looted by Wall Street and City of London predators, its population assigned to gig jobs, inundated by drugs, and a culture of despair. Donald Trump was elected to arrest this. He was attacked relentlessly for attempting vast economic change and an end to imperial wars. His re-election was blocked by Wall Street, London, and other elements of the modern British Empire.

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Lyndon LaRouche gave a speech at Central Connecticut University on May 4, 2009. He said it was urgent to stop the killing in the Middle East but the fundamental conflict could never be solved unless the modern British Empire, playing the region, was destroyed. Installing the American (republican) tradition and its associated economics of development and destroying the parasitical oligarchic system is the key to peace.

In preparation for our live Zoom webcast this Thursday (April 8), we're featuring Lyndon LaRouche's 2011 demolition of populist conceptions of make-work infrastructure programs, and his revolutionary notion of economic platforms of development. Simply attacking Biden's boondoggle "jobs' plan and complaining about big government will not make America a manufacturing super power again, we need to think big, with big projects, and a conception of the future we must create. 

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published LaRouche on MLK & Real Leadership in Watch 2021-02-25 16:56:08 -0500

In a world where the political process seems utterly broken, many people are asking, who will lead this country? Where are our leaders? Remember, oftentimes, history has been changed not by elected or ordained officials, but individuals just like you and me, who were determined to represent the unrepresented—the forgotten men and women. And many times, those people changed the world forever. Here, Lyndon LaRouche addresses a Martin Luther King, Jr. Prayer Breakfast in 2004, and uses the example of Dr. King's life and commitment to show each of us what effective leadership really is. 

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published LaRouche's Four Laws in Read 2020-12-31 14:11:32 -0500

The following policy document was originally authored and published in June 2014. It remains the immediate and indispensable policy necessary to launch an economic recovery of the United States.

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Lyndon LaRouche in 2009: "I want an agreement among Russia, China, India, and the United States, on Mars… What are we going to do, between now and 50 years from now? What direction are we going to take? What’s our technology? What do we need to do? And we’re going to base our entire economic development, on looking at everything from that standpoint."