As many of you know, LaRouchePAC is campaigning for a four power agreement between and among China, Russia, India, and the United States as an absolute imperative for near term survival of civilization. This page will tell you, in Lyndon LaRouche’s words, why this is urgent.


Following the collapse of 2008, Wall Street and its City of London masters did nothing to restore the economies of the world to anything resembling what had existed even before 2008. As Lyndon LaRouche will demonstrate to you, when the system collapsed in 2008, it had already been in massive decline since the period of 1967-68, the point at which the United States economy began to operate at a physical deficit in terms of producing new technologies or replenishing existing infrastructure. Instead of taking the clear steps in 2008, to reverse this collapse, steps which LaRouche and LaRouchePAC campaigned for, our elites built a new bubble of corporate debt and derivatives funny money which now stands ready to implode in a far more devastating collapse than that of 2007-2008. Their globalist order suffers from a systemic fallacy; it cannot reproduce itself and with its sudden and catastrophic collapse now near, the danger to human survival itself cannot be overstated. In 2016, the American people finally revolted and elected Donald Trump. The British and their traitors in our elites have sought his elimination since he first stepped on the world stage. Drawing from the American System of political economy, Donald Trump, to date, has uniquely contributed to the possibility of recovery, by attacking globalism, whose present mantra is to preserve the existing order through the economic austerity demands flowing from the British created myth called climate change. Instead, Trump has fought, at great personal risk and sacrifice, for a rebirth of the nation state system, the foundation for creating a new economy. Now, having taken a step made possible through the work of John Quincy Adams, Lyndon LaRouche, and others, those of you and I have the responsibility to allow him to take the next step by organizing the American population, making the economic renaissance promised by this President, a reality.


How did we get here?

Lyndon LaRouche predicted the collapse of the Bretton Woods fixed exchange rate system well before it occurred, on August 15, 1971, when President Richard Nixon destroyed it. As we document here, the destruction of a system which worked to promote long term development of nations based on fixed currency values following World War II, was replaced by the free trade, floating exchange rate system in which only Wall Street and City of London speculators profited, and they profited massively, while the physical economies of the world were looted. The divorce of the currency and financial aspects of economies from any real productive processes, did not just occur internationally, it occurred right here in the United States. Since that time, the U.S. economy has been deliberately deindustrialized. In the words of the Trilateral Commission’s 1980s project, led by Zbigniew Brzezinski it underwent a deliberate and “controlled disintegration.” Our population was deliberately dumbed down and doped up. Our Republic devolved into the political structures of Empire, the very structure of society which we fought a successful revolution against.

Here is Lyndon LaRouche speaking on January 11, 2000, about the urgent need to return to Franklin Roosevelt’s intention for Bretton Woods, ending all forms of British colonialism (pdf transcript).


Then Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche during a January 11, 2000 webcast from Boston, MA.


Here is Lyndon LaRouche delving deeper into the history and the impact of August of 1971, on April 7, 2005 (transcript):


Finally, here is Lyndon LaRouche providing a slightly different perspective on the same history in an address on September 1, 2001, 10 days before the events of September 11, 2001 (transcript).



So, How do we recover?

In a series of speeches after the financial collapse of 2007-2008, LaRouche renewed his call for a new world-wide fixed exchange rate system in which money was made, once again, the slave of physical economic development and production of the means of human existence. He proposed that the nations of Russia, China, India, and the United States and other advanced economies come together to reorganize the world’s financial system. This combination of nations has unique cultural and scientific characteristics and their combined power is sufficient to overcome the power of the present oligarchical financial system. This is not a globalist solution. Rather, it destroys the rotten and dying Anglo-Dutch imperial system which began to enslave the world when FDR died and which triumphed on August 15, 1971.

LaRouche’s vision of a New Bretton Woods allows nations to recapture their economic sovereignty from the Wall Street/City of London imperium. The nature of the infrastructure and scientific projects which could be unleashed by these initiating nations, and other developed economies, creates the potential for the entire world’s economy to reproduce itself at a higher level of human existence, averting the disaster of the uncontrolled collapse of the present system. Under LaRouche’s Four Powers Agreement, long term credit would be issued at low interest rates with national currencies stabilized in a fixed exchange rate system. This credit would be directed solely to massive internal development of full set economies in all the nations of the world, the American System model of economic development as created by Alexander Hamilton, employed by Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt, and as envisioned, again, by John F. Kennedy. Right now, Russia, China, and India are ready to join this effort, with China demonstrating the types of great infrastructure projects possible in its great Belt and Road Initiative. Under this new financial system, it becomes immediately possible to construct an entirely modern infrastructure platform for the United States, employing and training our desperate and demoralized in a mission to create a wonderful future.


So, Lyndon, How do we get out of this mess, not only alive, but prospering?

In a speech on October 1, 2008, in the midst of Obama’s supervision of the bailout, LaRouche outlined his remedies for human survival, explaining how the international system could once again be bent to Roosevelt’s intention for the world monetary system. He explained there his emphasis on organizing the Four Powers (full transcript).


In 2009, and 2010, LaRouche continued to develop his concept based on campaigns and discussions with governments throughout the world. The two video excerpts which follow are exemplary of that campaign and those developments.

November 11, 2009 international webcast (full transcript).


September 24, 2010 international webcast (full transcript).


Now, as we stand on the edge of yet another financial collapse and potential catastrophic depression, nothing could be more important than listening to and acting upon the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche.


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