Ben focuses on science and economics

Ben started working with LaRouchePAC in 2005, and joined Lyndon LaRouche's scientific research team (the "Basement") in 2010, focusing on understanding key breakthroughs in the history of science (from original source material) with the aim of applying new insights to frontier areas of science. The objective is to break from the reductionist philosophical views that have come to dominate science. Currently Ben's primary focus is the science of physical economy, but he also tries to keep up with frontier studies of galactic systems, the negentropic evolution of life on Earth, and whatever other side projects which he finds fascinating. You can contact him at, [email protected]

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Every Saturday LaRouchePAC hosts live classes on scientific, cultural, historical, or other in-depth material needed to rapidly develop educated citizen leaders.  
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LaRouchePAC Lincoln Podcast Series by Robert Ingraham, (completed, 2021)

In a series of 10 podcasts, Bob Ingraham and Mike Steger explore the early life of Abraham Lincoln, his passion for law, becoming a state senator, how he used the drama of poetry, fables, and Shakespeare as guide posts to navigate at times an even more dramatic life, and his rise to the presidency, some of which you may have never heard before. Learn more >>>

Defeat Biden's Inflation With Negentropic Economics (completed, 2021)

Will Mussolini Joe drive the US economy into an inflationary death spiral? The answer depends on what we do now—not only to oppose the Biden collective's Green New Deal (hidden under the banner of a "Jobs Plan"), but to rally Americans around an economic program that will create real wealth. While certain of Biden's opponents on the right continue to miss the boat by railing against the "price tag" of his programs, the most important factor isn't how much you spend, but where you invest it and how much "free energy" you create. The right kind of large-scale infrastructure projects can lift the economy to higher levels of potential and what it will take to make America a manufacturing superpower again. Learn more >>>

What Do We Do About Our Horrible Schools? (completed, 2021)

Admittedly, for many parents, all they can do now is fight to get their children back into school, where they belong—bad as those schools are—after the children have been so damaged by being locked out for months. But we have to face the uncomfortable reality that our schools have been failing our children for years. The schools, public and private, are committing a form of menticide on America’s children, whether it be through Critical Race Theory or a curriculum so dumbed down and based on drill-and-grill that all human creative potential is extinguished. There is a great hue and cry about public versus private, but no one is focused on what must be taught to fulfil our human nature as creative human beings participating in divine creation. Learn more >>>

Defeat the Modern British Empire with Robert Ingraham (completed, 2021)

The enemy of the American Republic is today, as it was in 1776, the modern-day British Empire. Unfortunately, for many Americans the nature of this conflict remains obscure or even hidden. Many people mistakenly believe that the British Empire no longer exists. Others view "communism" as the primary threat to our liberty. Perhaps worse still, very few individuals realize how the economic and cultural axioms of oligarchical rule have become accepted and embedded within our society, within the thinking of many of our people. Lyndon LaRouche often spoke of what he called the "Oligarchical Principle." It is that Oligarchical Principle, and the its manifestations in economic policy, science policy and education policy, which must be defeated today. This is the only way to return the United States to its mission as a "Temple of Hope and a Beacon of Liberty." Learn more >>>

LaRouche's Economics with Bruce Director (completed, 2021) 

The fight to rebuild the American economy as the scientific and manufacturing powerhouse, set in motion during the first Trump administration, now enters a new phase. The incoming “Biden” administration has already vowed to return to the bad old days of the British Empire’s global dictatorship now called the “great reset”, which means big bailouts for global financial powers, takedown of U.S. productive industry, green zero-growth, and big-tech repression.

We will not let this happen. But we cannot stop this by complaining about what we don’t want. Of course, we will never shy away from exposing the corruption of the London-Wall St. centered drive for a globalist dictatorship. But LaRouchePAC is committed to continuing to lead the fight for a re-emergence of the American system and the reorganization of the world economy based on Lyndon LaRouche’s design of a New Bretton Woods system based on national sovereignty and a commitment to the increase in the productive powers of labor. Learn more >>>


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John, I still don’t understand what you meant by “that’s why, unlike you, I didn’t spend 7 years of my life trying to make [Biden] President.”
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For over 40 years, Michael James Carr has been working on LaRouche’s campaign to develop science and technology throughout the world. He grew up in the City of St. Louis at the time of the building of the Gateway Arch and the development of NASA’s Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. Through study and many trips across the nation, he saw that the history of American invention, engineering, and production processes showed a pathway towards an optimistic future. During the same time, the Apollo Project, nuclear power, and other engineering endeavors were coming under massive un-American, pessimistic, political, and cultural assault. Mike decided that instead of pursuing aerospace engineering, he would become involved in politics in order to straighten things out. While attending George Washington University, he quickly became aware of the disregard for truth and unseemly pessimistic admiration for the British Empire, on the part of the “experts,” officials, and politicos. It was at that time that he met the genius Lyndon LaRouche and his optimistic American approach to every issue. Through the subsequent years, Mike has introduced LaRouche’s ideas to millions of people, through person to person discussions, running for office, writing articles on political economy, space and fusion technologies, and republishing many of LaRouche's books and articles for wide distribution. You can contact Mike at [email protected].

Hard core advocates of the man-made climate change scare are insisting on policies that would ensure mass suffering, mass death, and lowering the global population.  Are those horrific consequences of their policies merely an unforeseen consequence, or was that the intention all along?  Join Ben Deniston with LaRouchePAC for a tour of the origins of the radical environmentalist movement, and the emergence of the man-made climate change scare.

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When understood properly, infrastructure can be the secret to unlimited economic growth. However, Washington DC doesn't understand much of anything these days. The Biden collective's so-called 'infrastructure bill' is not about infrastructure, it is cover for pushing their "Green New Deal" and globalist World Economic Forum policies—a fast track program to destroy the US economy. What's needed is a serious infrastructure program, focused on new, transformative infrastructure systems which uplift the entire economy to higher levels of productive potential. Historically, this approach has been central to the rise of the United States, and it's indispensable today for getting the US out of the present economic mess.

(Download a PDF version here)

Globalization has failed. We are calling for a return to the American System of Political Economy.

From construction companies to local restaurants, grocery stores to manufacturing centers, the breakdown of supply chains has exposed the failed economic policies of the past two generations. Efforts to address this crisis with more of the same failed policies have unleashed major waves of inflation and the danger of hyperinflation.

Decades of globalization and “Green New Deal”-type policies have devolved the U.S. economy from a productive power into a shell of its former self. Our national sovereignty has been eroded, leaving our population to live in conditions shaped by private forces outside the control of our elected representatives. Communities built on productive enterprises are being devastated, the most fundamental aspects of society are reliant on global supply chains, and pride in producing physical wealth has been replaced by the glorification of financial speculation. 

We will not save the economy by printing and distributing money, nor by throttling all government activity and relying on the magic of the marketplace. Therefore, we are calling for a rejection of the failed doctrines of globalization, monetarism, and radical environmentalism, and a return to the economic principles which built our nation into a great productive power: 

In short, we are calling for a return to the American System of Political Economy. After it was nearly forgotten, Lyndon LaRouche resurrected and advanced the American System and Donald Trump became the first President in generations to publicly advocate for its return. The core principles of the American System were originally outlined by Alexander Hamilton, and the system was famously implemented to help save our nation from great crises by Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt.

At the heart of the American System is the principle that wealth does not come from money, but that  true wealth comes from developing and utilizing the creativity which exists in every human being. Great progressive leaps in science and technology serve the pursuit of happiness by an expanding population which lives to create a better future. 

Therefore, the role of the government, in shaping monetary, banking, and trade policy, must be driven by the overarching mission to increase physical productivity and create growth that will support future generations at higher living standards. This includes:

  • Protecting technologically progressive manufacturing and agriculture against unfair competition from globalist exploitation of cheap labor. 
  • Developing advanced infrastructure systems, starting with new energy, water, and transportation systems to increase the potential for productive private enterprise. 
  • Pushing the frontiers of science and technology, led by fusion and space technologies. 
  • Taxation, financial and monetary regulation, and credit policies  to accomplish these ends, . 

With American System policies we can build our way out of the present crisis. This is the outlook that built our nation, it’s an American outlook, and it’s how we’ll free ourselves from the disaster of globalization and reshape our economy today.

(Download a PDF version here)

Use the Economics Toolkit to organize for this resolution.

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Hi Howard. Thanks for providing your opinions. Interesting to see you’re on the same side as George Soros on this one.
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Recalling California governor Newsom will be a major blow to the Washington DC elite. Take a stand against the establishment, and let us know how you can help. 

Many Americans know the green new deal will be an economic catastrophe, but do they understand what policies are needed instead? The problem isn't the amount of money spent, or the fact that the government is spending it. The key issue is simple: are we increasing or decreasing the productivity of the physical economy? 

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As the world witnesses the absolute incompetence and failure that is the Washington DC elite, American patriots must commit to the fight to rebuild this country—politically, economically and morally. A crucial element is rejecting the failed economic policies of the past two generations, whether it be the disastrous Green New Deal, or the monetarist fallacies of the Austrian School. 

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