Globalization is failing, but how many Americans know what the alternative is? Use this resolution to build support for a return to the American System. Ask candidates, elected officials, student clubs, business owners, and other political, social, or economic constituency groups and leaders to discuss and endorse the resolution.

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From construction companies to local restaurants, grocery stores to manufacturing centers, the breakdown of supply chains has exposed the failed economic policies of the past two generations. Efforts to address this crisis with more of the same failed policies have unleashed major waves of inflation and the danger of hyperinflation.

Decades of globalization and “Green New Deal”-type policies have devolved the U.S. economy from a productive power into a shell of its former self. Our national sovereignty has been eroded, leaving our population to live in conditions shaped by forces outside the control of our elected representatives. Communities built on productive enterprises are being devastated, the most fundamental aspects of society are reliant on global supply chains, and pride in producing physical wealth has been replaced by the glorification of financial speculation. 

We will not save the economy by printing and distributing money, nor by throttling all government activity and relying on the magic of the marketplace. Therefore, we are calling for a rejection of the failed doctrines of globalization, monetarism, and radical environmentalism, and a return to the economic principles which built our nation into a great productive power: 

  • Protecting technologically progressive manufacturing and agriculture against unfair competition from globalist exploitation of cheap labor. 
  • Developing improved infrastructure systems, starting with new energy, water, and transportation systems to increase the potential for productive private enterprise. 
  • Pushing the frontiers of science and technology, led by fusion and space technologies. 
  • Regulating the banking and monetary system as needed to accomplish these ends. 

In short, we are calling for a return to the American System of Political Economy. After it was nearly forgotten, Lyndon LaRouche resurrected and advanced the American System and Donald Trump became the first President in generations to publicly advocate for its return. The core principles of the American System were originally outlined by Alexander Hamilton, and the system was famously implemented to help save our nation from great crises by Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt.

The role of the government, in shaping monetary, banking, and trade policy, must be driven by the overarching mission to increase physical productivity and create growth that will support future generations at higher living standards. True wealth comes from developing and utilizing the creativity which exists in every human being. Great progressive leaps in science and technology serve the pursuit of happiness by an expanding population which lives to create a better future. 

With American System policies we can build our way out of the present crisis. This is the outlook that built our nation, it’s an American outlook, and it’s how we’ll free ourselves from the disaster of globalization and reshape our economy today.

(Download a PDF version here)