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Will Mussolini Joe drive the US economy into an inflationary death spiral?  The answer depends on what we do now—not only to oppose the Biden collective's Green New Deal (hidden under the banner of a "Jobs Plan"), but to rally Americans around an economic program that will create real wealth. 

While certain of Biden's opponents on the right continue to miss the boat by railing against the "price tag" of his programs, the most important factor isn't how much you spend, but where you invest it and how much "free energy" you create. 

Join us on Saturdays in May at 7:00pm ET (4pm PT) for a live class series on reviving the U.S. economy, led by Brian Lantz and Benjamin Deniston.  We will present Lyndon LaRouche's understanding of how the right kind of large-scale infrastructure projects can lift the economy to higher levels of potential and what it will take to make America a manufacturing superpower again. 

A true defeat of Mussolini Joe and his corporatist, globalist backers requires Americans stepping forward with a positive plan for their future.  Join us on Saturdays in May at 7:00pm ET to build this movement. 

Sign up here to participate live and ask questions. Otherwise, each Saturday's opening presentation will be published and posted publicly on the LaRouchePAC.com site within 24-48 hours.