Support Trump's Boycott Against "Woke" Corporations

Latest update: April 12, 2021

In response to Mussolini Joe's campaign against Georgia’s newly passed ballot integrity laws, which featured Major League Baseball pulling the All-Star game from Atlanta, President Trump has called for a national boycott, not just of any gesture supporting baseball, but also of eight companies which cheered MLB’s decision: Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Cisco, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Viacom-CBS, Merck, and UPS. We support this, wholeheartedly, and offer this piece to bring this boycott truly alive, to make it stick—as opposed to the wimp Washington Republican rage/complaint/whine narrative machine—whose lack of imagination will surely suffocate President Trump’s initiative.

What we are seeing now in the United States is the emergence of a new fascism modeled explicitly on the old fascism of Benito Mussolini. Corporations, unions, and state power were married by Mussolini in order to totally change extant society under an oligarchical model and a synthetically created ideology. In our time, that ideology is climate apocalypse accompanied by Critical Theory and Identity politics peddled to the masses by the banking and corporate elites. Mussolini, a British project, was amply supported here in the United States by the Wall Street Morgan and Harriman interests, and heralded on the pages of Time Magazine. He sought explicitly to revive the Roman Empire model of human slavery for the unprivileged classes. This is what the Biden/World Economic Forum Great Reset is all about today.

President’s Trump’s boycott call is an opening salvo in the fight against corporate fascims. He picks very dirty companies and MLB from some 200 woke cancel culture corporate denizens proclaiming outrage about Georgia’s attempt to undertake fundamental ballot security.

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