In the week leading up to America's celebration of it's declaration of independence from the British Empire, the Biden collective drilled down on its allegiance to empire.

The Avatar President repeated his "Russia, Russia, Russia" rant in Madrid. His former-BlackRock-hack turned economic adviser, Brian Deese, channeled Marie Antoinette and told Americans they should continue their pain at the pump in order to usher in the new "liberal world order."

It seems the reigning oligarchs, even the Napoleonic Jeff Bezos, find themselves in a suburban cul de sac, where the only option is to run in circles, eat your own tail, and tell all the neighbors to go to hell!

France is the largest buyer of Russian LNG this year, and after them its Belgium and the Netherlands. Russia is not isolated, and Marjorie Taylor Green appears to now be the leading figure in Congress on foreign policy. She had the courage to recognize the threat of nuclear war, the importance of Russia as a potential ally, and called for the US to leave NATO.

Unbeknownst to the aging leftists around the world, the true U.S. is not the "Liberal World Order's" occupied town of D.C., with its heartless and brainless bureaucrats. It is truly the hearts and minds of its citizens. It is the skills, industries, talents, and creativity of its productive class. As Trump often said, echoing LaRouche, these citizens are the elite!

This is the MAGA movement. And this means its time to celebrate the birth of our Republic with a major shift in American political culture. And as they did in 1776, nations of the world will once again celebrate our new birth of freedom!

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