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Join us to investigate how America and her citizens can become powerful and indomitable, tomorrow and beyond. We have been diving into some of the most profound writings, composition, and conceptions that have shaped Mankind and human civilization for thousands of years.

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Vote fraud, hyperinflation, Green New Deal, CRT, drought, cancel culture, Afghanistan ... LaRouche always stressed that to navigate our way out of the current crisis, citizens and statesmen must exercise the quality of mind that can take into account all the interacting political, physical, cultural and historical forces and principles as a single manifold. This quality of mind is expressed in the great discoveries of science and art.

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published How Bach Can Make America Great Again in Watch 2021-04-26 15:28:16 -0400

Join My-Hoa Steger as we dive into an investigation of the mind of J.S. Bach, specifically through one of his fugues from his breakthrough Well-Tempered Klavier, to give you a glimpse into one of the greatest and most passionate geniuses that ever lived. We can make America great by coming to know the minds of the geniuses that came before us. Whether it be J.S. Bach, Johannes Kepler, Abraham Lincoln, or Lyndon LaRouche—humanity is happier and more powerful for the gift of these minds.