It is very clear that the oligarchs viewed COP21 (where the Paris Climate Accords were signed) as "defining the agenda' and putting certain things into motion. President Trump pulled us out of those accords. Now, with Trump out of the Presidency, they view the Glasgow COP26 meeting as the time to implement that agenda—with ferocity—on every nation on Earth. They talk incessantly of "ratcheting up" and "acceleration."

It is also clear that Green Finance is of paramount importance, with the IMF, the World Bank and the individual Central Banks now prepared to cut off all funding, not only for oil, gas and coal, but anything which contributes to an alleged increase in carbon emissions. All public and private investment will be controlled and directed into "green projects." ALL investment. We're looking at a globalist green financial dictatorship.

At the same time, although senile Joe has jumped on board, there is clearly resistance from India, China and Russia, and it is also clear that a factional situation exists in each of those nations, on the COP26 agenda. Whether or not any of these leaders have the will and the means to resist the COP26 diktats remains to be seen.

Obviously, for anyone who is not in dreamland, there is no chance of defeating this planned genocide without the United States taking the leading role to defeat it.

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