Kesha Rogers reports on where the James Webb Telescope (JWST) is in its journey to the L2 orbit and on the critical unfolding deployments of its sunshield, and secondary and primary mirrors. The Webb telescope will soon fundamentally transform our understanding of the Universe, as astronomers and scientist will be able to peer deeper into the formation of galaxies and first stars formed nearly 13 billion years ago with the images produced by Webb's infrared telescope. Humanity should truly look forward to what we may soon come to understand about the creative development, design, and intention of the Universe.

As of a Saturday, January 8th update on the website, Webb has now been fully deployed. Webb will now continue to travel to its destination at the second Lagrange point (L2). It will cool and settle in for the next few months. The mirrors will be fully aligned so that they are all on the same wave of light. Prepare for the discoveries to begin!

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