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Headline says it all. The January 6th, prime time hearing, pimped and hyped for weeks by our elites and the mainstream media as the final solution to Donald Trump, flopped. According to the ratings, 20 million watched—about the audience for the combined current nightly newscasts on ABC, NBC, and CBS—shows which are themselves in serious ratings trouble and are not broadcast in prime time.

Fox, recognizing where most Americans sit, refused to even air the concoction—prompting outrage from the powers that be. Instead, the network aired a three-hour takedown of the hearings and the rogue House Panel conducting them—starting with Tucker Carlson and proceeding through Hannity and Laura Ingraham. Of course, all of the British-sponsored Murdoch print publications from the New York Post to the Wall Street Journal made up for this apparent heresy by the end of the week—editorially attacking Trump and demanding that the Republican Party give him up.

Even these dismal ratings do not take into account those who fled the show once they realized they had been sold a bill of goods, and that this sham cost a cool $2 million in taxpayer money. There was absolutely nothing new here—no “blowing off the roof” revelations as proclaimed by the hyperbolic Rep. Jamie Raskin (D. Md). It was a re-run of Trump Impeachment Trial II, dressed up by former ABC Television President Rick Goldston for better dramatic effect.

The new soap opera veneer includes video of testimony from Trump-haters in the White House—largely operating through the office of Vice-President Mike Pence and the National Security Council. It also includes video of testimony by former Trump officials who lost their nerve when faced with the reality of a stolen election and the uniform demand from the national security state that the theft be covered up—lest professional and reputational death immediately follow. As we discuss below, throughout the summer of 2020, the same national security state had been planning a military coup if Trump won the November election—beginning with street riots like those which were then occurring.

Obviously, this “purloined letter” signature of intent surrounding the January 6, 2021 events was nowhere presented in Thursday’s coverage. It was not part of Goldston’s fabulist script. Neither was the simple fact that the only person who died as the result of violence on January 6th was Ashli Babbitt, a pro-trump Air Force veteran and unarmed demonstrator who was summarily executed by Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd. Byrd was never prosecuted, or seriously investigated for his crime. Instead, he has been declared a hero of the state.

At ABC, Goldston, for those who don’t know, spiked a major early story about Jeffrey Epstein, under pressure from the British royals. Goldston is British and spent his early career at the BBC—the premier propaganda organ of Empire. But by Friday morning, even Jamie Raskin was reduced to proclaiming that they had only been “dispelling the thick fog of propaganda” authored by Trump—“work” hardly made for prime time drama. Some, it is said, did suffer through the whole show—apparently mesmerized by Liz Cheney’s obvious attempts to outdick her evil father in the arena of televised overt satanic displays.

Whatever limited staying power this fabulist docudrama ever had, it evaporated when reality intervened on Friday, June 10th, with the release of May’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation figures.  There will be no “soft landing.” Inflation gallops ahead. The May figures once again demonstrated that the Fed and the Biden administration are idiots. The people who caused the problem are powerless to solve it, because they are trapped in their economic and ideological delusions. The January 6th gambit against Trump is but one more attempt to distract from this fundamental fact.

The Inflation Nightmare

The May inflation report showed that the CPI rose to its highest year-over-year point so far—8.6%. Without counting food and energy, it rose 6%. Fuel is up 106.7% year over year. Food and shelter also were dramatically higher. Real wages are declining at the fastest rate in 40 years. While the year-over-year figures show how bad inflation has been, the month-to-month figures show where inflation is currently going—and at what rate. That, too, is at record levels. In sum, nothing Biden or the Fed are doing is making any difference. The lives of the American people are being sucked dry, and this is only the beginning if we don’t make a radical course correction, now, ahead of the midterms. After all, what happens if the hated Biden et al. are repudiated, but the Republicans elected are just as clueless about launching the road to economic revival?

Blaming Putin, as Biden and many Washington Republicans do, is wildly delusional and incompetent. Putin realized long ago that concentrating on the growth of the physical economy is the means for economic survival, and that the globalists’ war on hydrocarbons, at this point in world economic evolution, is an economic death sentence. Putin has also staked out Russia’s future—it leads the world now in advanced nuclear power development. This is why Russia has survived the financial globalists’ sanctions regime—a regime which would kill any post-industrial, service economy. Instead, as a result of the Biden collective’s delusions, the sanctions have imposed huge costs on U.S., European, and developing sector economies—precisely for want of the physical goods, chemicals, and fuels, produced in Russia and Ukraine.

The solution is two-fold. The Fed must be bankrupted, and a Third National Bank of the United States must take its place—issuing massive credits to start production here again, beginning with the fundamentals of advanced energy, food, and water. Just stating that the climate change agenda is reversed and full production of fossil fuels can begin again will have an immediate impact on prices. You can read our full prospectus here. There is no other option.

Our economic reconstruction, however, will take time. That means that the carnage in Ukraine must be ended now, and the insane sanctions regime must be lifted, lest millions suffer or die because utopians in Washington and London are satanically deluded.

Now, Again, About January 6th

In December of 2018, the House of Lords published a report entitled “British Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order.” It targeted four countries, Russia, China, India, and the United States, as a focus for British strategic interventions. In the time-worn British strategy, these nations were to be set at each other’s throats via ideological manipulations.

At that point, each of these nations had refused to buy the religion of imminent catastrophic climate disaster fronted by the globalists to consolidate their power amid the collapse of the post-1971 speculative financial system. Moreover, as Lyndon LaRouche argued, those four nations hold the physical economic potential, if mobilized under a new gold-reserve, fixed exchange-rate financial system, to permanently end the postwar oligarchical British Imperial system. The lead item in the Lords’ report with respect to the U.S. was the command that Donald Trump could not be allowed a second term as President of the United States.

This was not a new British fixation with Trump’s destruction. As we have documented, the British ran Russiagate—starting in 2015 with demands to John Brennan at the CIA to smear Trump as a Russian agent. The British have largely run the Ukraine proxy war against Russia—starting even before their coup in Ukraine in 2014. British-controlled Ukrainians figured prominently in the Russiagate hoax and in setting up Trump’s impeachment. 

When Russiagate and Ukrainegate flopped, the American Tories in Washington’s intelligence establishment, who colluded from 2015 forward with the British against Trump, moved to meet the Lords’ demand for Trump’s scalp. In January of 2020, the theft of the election was put into motion, along with the narrative script for the riot which occurred on January 6th.

Marc Elias, the Perkins Coie lawyer who coordinated and covered for all the players in the illegal Russiagate conspiracy against Trump, began implementing his transformation of the electoral system to mail-in ballots in January of 2020. COVID merely provided the accelerant. As in Russiagate, Elias had multiple co-conspirators. Time magazine even took a victory lap detailing major players. 

Silicon Valley, led by Mark Zuckerberg, rigged search algorithms against Trump, and censored any coverage which might help his prospects—like the Hunter Biden laptop story. Zuckerberg personally used millions of dollars to buy local election officials involved in canvassing the vote. The fraud happened through traditional vote-fraud methods based on mail-in and absentee ballots—not as the result of the Venezuelan government, or servers in Germany, among other fake theories circulated to the President and his supporters through intelligence operations. All of this is fully and ably documented by Mollie Hemingway in her book, Rigged.

In late June 2020, a George Soros-funded-and-led group known as the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), conducted a tabletop exercise using establishment Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans to map out the realities of a potential post-election coup d'état. This exercise received a calculated PR rollout, and was widely publicized, in order to establish it as normative in the public mind. We covered it extensively at the time. It set the context for everything that happened on January 6th.

In the exercise, the promoted narrative was that President Trump is an unscrupulous, authoritarian, would-be-dictator seeking to consolidate his power with a base composed of “white power” and “extremist” networks, who would need to be neutralized, and eliminated post-election. The Biden forces were portrayed as pluralist defenders of democracy, whose adherence to “norms” would result in the loss of the United States to Trump’s fascism, unless they radically changed their behavior—up to and including conducting a coup against the elected president of the United States, and “neutralizing” his supporters.

The exercise stipulated that the election outcome would not be decided on election day because of widespread mail-in voting. Whether Trump or Biden won, according to the faux exercise, there would be widespread street violence. The scenario in which Trump won had the Democrats refusing to concede, seeking to fix the electoral college or abolish it, making demands to pack the Supreme Court, assuring statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., and allowing western states to secede from the Union, as the price to end the violence.

The major uncertainties in the exercise concerned how the military would respond, and how much control the Democrats had over the street rioters. The June military response against Trump during the riots in Washington, D.C., (in effect a generals’ revolt), was deemed to be “reassuring.” The exercise counseled that the Democrats should work earnestly to establish even more direct connections with the street rioters to assure their performance.

Of course, in most regime-change operations, the street forces merely serve as a cover for trained military provocateurs, who kill people and steer the action. In the actual scenario which played out on January 6th, most of the Trump supporters subsequently arrested were led by provocateurs into a trap in the Capitol—while agent-provocateurs led more violent elements into confrontations with the police.

On August 11, 2020, in the wake of the widely publicized TIP exercise, Defense One, a magazine controlled by Democratic Party funder and New America associate David Bradley, published an article by retired colonels John Nagl and Paul Yingling blatantly calling for a military coup. Both are associated with retired General and DC power player, David Petraeus. On August 18th, Defense One followed up with a call to make this a matter of reasoned debate within the military, rather than a reflexive rejection. That article, if you can believe it, was authored by the NATO academic, Thomas Crosbie, an associate professor at the Royal Danish Defence College’s Centre for Joint Operations, Institute for Military Operations. This was also the context in which the Atlantic circulated the completely false claim that Donald Trump routinely disparaged the troops as “suckers” and “losers.”

Now fast forward to January 6th. As we reported at the time, a peaceful rally became a violent riot, a riot which poisoned the ability of anyone seriously investigating the theft of the election to publicly present or pursue facts and evidence demonstrating that theft. It now appears that a group of FBI, or other intelligence agency informants, led the Trump protesters into the Capitol and direct confrontation with the police—after eliminating all fencing and signage showing the grounds of Congress to be a restricted area. This has all been very well documented by Darren Beattie’s work at Revolver News. As Beattie also notes, the lead “seditionists” accused by the January 6th committee and the Department of Justice, the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, are both heavily infiltrated by the FBI. 

Despite possessing ample evidence that violence was in the offing at the Capitol, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi refused President Trump’s offer to provide National Guard troops to protect the Capitol. They wanted the controlled 2 hour riot to happen. It was a simple alteration of the Transition Integrity Project script, eliminating Trump’s immediate political options, and forcing him from office.

Any real investigation of January 6th requires taking the entire coup against the 45th President of the United States into account.  The riot on that day was, simply, the final act. 

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