September 11, 2001

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Another “anniversary” of the murder of nearly 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001. That toll has increased by another 3,000 over the years as first responders succumb to the toxic poisons they ingested while searching Ground Zero for survivors and the dead.

The “President” was nowhere to be found in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., or New York City. Instead, he hid in Alaska, afraid that reaction to his open border gambit, or his dealings with the Saudis or Iran would interrupt the good vibes he needs to continue his act. He might just irrationally lash out like the old senile man he is, “the man who is all used up” as in the Poe short story of that name. His senile rambling at his Viet Nam press conference the day before had shocked the world.  He is a fitting corrupt personal exemplar of the evil and rotten apparatus which empowers him—incompetent fools drunk on their own power and fanatic secular religion, unable to discern reality.

Lyndon LaRouche fought hard against the evil which was encompassed in 9/11 all his life. He warned us about it before it happened. On January 3, 2001, he said that since the financial system was crashing, we should look out for a Reichstag fire event involving terrorism by which the oligarchy would impose a national emergency to cement their power. Crisis management would be used to set off small wars throughout the world while crushing extant American Constitutional rights and liberties in the process. He repeatedly asserted that the act itself was carried out by an alliance of City of London financiers, intelligence assets, and the Saudi government. The act could not have been carried out without the full complicity of very dirty U.S. government intelligence channels, inclusive of the Cheney-Bush White House. It was, in short, an “inside job,” covered up through all these years by masters at that dirty game, including Robert S. Mueller III, the man assigned to take out Lyndon LaRouche, Donald Trump, and, according to former Senator Bob Graham, “aggressively deceive” the public about what happened on 9/11 and in the subsequent Anthrax attack.

You can explore our investigation of the event itself by going to the LaRouche PAC video, Beyond the 28 Pages: 9/11 10 years Later. We fought with the 9/11 families for declassification of key FBI and other documents concealed by Mueller. You can review other videos about our activities on this playlist on YouTube. Finally, you can review Robert Mueller’s role in the coverup by viewing our Mueller pamphlet, pp. 13-17.

Osama Bin Laden was nothing but a bagman, a witting asset of the intelligence services, to be sacrificed at a time deemed advantageous. As the author Seymour Hersh has shown, Osama’s whereabouts in Pakistan were known for years before Obama needed the political expediency of taking him out to secure his re-election. Moreover, the 9/11 attack could not have been carried out without the full complicity of dirty U.S. government intelligence channels. It was, in short, an “inside job.”

A hard-fought Congressional battle by the 9/11 families appeared to allow the 9/11 families to sue the Saudi government directly, establishing both culpability and damages. That was the JASTA legislation which became law when Congress overrode Barack Obama’s one veto in his entire two terms as President. Another hard-fought battle involved release of 28 pages from the report of the joint Congressional investigation of 9/11 which was completely redacted by the Bush Administration on national security or state secrets grounds. Those 28 pages, released in still partially redacted form by the Obama administration in 2016, tell the tale of the San Diego cell of Saudi operatives preparing for 9/11, under surveillance by the FBI, sponsored by Saudi intelligence, and financed in a money trail which leads right back to former Saudi Ambassador, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the darling of the Bush family.

The current status of the families’ suit against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is itself another atrocity. Since JASTA did not specifically address aider and abettor liability, the Saudi government is moving to dismiss the families’ legal case.  They argue that, at best, the families have shown that agents of the Saudi government aided and abetted the attack.  But JASTA only allows for suits where direct government involvement in the act itself is proven, according to the Saudis. The Senate has entered the picture again to try to clean this up and allow the case to proceed in New York’s Southern District federal court.

Meanwhile, a debate around those on trial for 9/11 at Guantanamo continues. The Pakistani, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, considered to be the mastermind of the attack and others on trial, are seeking guilty pleas and life imprisonment rather than the death penalty. Rather than attempting to find out what these people have to say about the real authors of the attacks, they were water-boarded and tortured, making their accounts dubious due to their mental conditions. The death penalty, obviously, destroys any capability to develop any leads from them.

Clearly, our government knows what happened, and the tale of culpability leads right to the evil security state which has secured our obedience to a thoroughly evil and rotten regime ever since September 11, 2001. Any real American President would end the Kafkaesque torture of the 9/11 families and the American people and surrender those horrible secrets, just like the secrets which remain hidden about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  He would let the chips finally fall where they may, regardless of international geopolitical games.  He would seek to identify and jail the authors of the murders of close to 6,000 Americans. As we detail in the LaRouche PAC video cited above, the real authors of this event reside in London and Saudi Arabia, and among their bought consorts in Washington, D.C. It is our belief that only Donald Trump can now become that American President.

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