This piece originally appeared in the Gateway Pundit under Joe Hoft's byline on October 31, 2020.

It is now just a few days until America finally renders its fateful choice for President on on Election Day 2020. But Democrat manipulations to buy time to conduct as much voter fraud as possible have made it more like Election MONTH 2020.

As President Donald Trump tirelessly barnstorms the country, firing up voters from all walks of life at increasingly massive rallies that epitomize political Americana, Democrat Joe Biden is staggering around the political stage, desperately hoping to run out the clock and avoid any of the exploding controversy around his treasonous secret business dealings with the communist Chinese, among other appalling revelations.

Biden’s campaign communications team—also known as the entire corporate “mainstream” media and all major social media and information platforms—are scurrying about crazily in an unprecedented suppression and censorship rampage to ensure that the growing body of authenticated evidence of Joe Biden’s active complicity in his son Hunter’s influence pedaling in Ukraine, China and Kazakhstan receives zero coverage, effectively bamboozling the American electorate.

While his cynical media protectorate shields the doddering Delaware Democrat from long-overdue exposure of his appalling corruption and greed, Biden cowers in the basement bunker of his sprawling multimillion dollar estate in Chateau Country, Delaware. Biden’s “campaign” is now pretty basic: no rallies, no press conferences, no exposure to media questions, no impromptu (or any) interaction with actual voters, and not a peep about any of the sludge now bubbling up out of the Biden Crime Family sewer.

Every once in a while Biden’s handlers (controllers) prop him up and drag him out to a contrived platform appearance somewhere in Pennsylvania just a short drive from the Biden bunker/compound, where the cognitively-impaired 78 year old bumbles his way through jumbotron teleprompted remarks to some small highly-screened group of voters, from a safe distance of course (no handshaking, baby kissing, or even elbow bumping), just so his media army can show the world proof of life.

Before going dark (and into hiding) Biden explicitly promised (threatened) to raise taxes (a bit of bravado that didn’t not work out so well for another former Democrat Vice-President running for the top job four years too late, Walter Mondale). In a bit of uplifting optimism, the mask-pusher from Scranton-Claymont predicted a “dark winter” for America—nothing like gloom and doom to inspire a country suffering under Democrat lockdown mania. In short, Biden is doing the worst thing any political candidate can do—he’s sitting on a lead, trying to run out the clock. Biden’s effort is so lifeless and lackluster that I am reminded of something President Nixon used to say to me: “Stone, in politics the only thing worse than being wrong is being boring.”

Donald Trump, by contrast, has stolen (or brilliantly rewritten) a page from the last landslide Republican president, Ronald Reagan, by bombarding Democrat strongholds with an upbeat message of hope and sunny optimism. The endlessly-energetic Trump lays out his impressive record and reassures voters that, contrary to Joe Biden’s vision of a Dark Winter for America, ‘the best is yet to come.’

Touting his extraordinary record of job creation and wage growth, this president dominates the political stage as a happy warrior, but also one who is equally fearless in excoriating the Democrats and their propaganda fluffers in the corporate mainstream (fake news) media. His tireless come-from-behind effort is interesting, entertaining and inspirational.

His Trump Rallies are becoming the stuff of political legend. But even more so, they are presidential campaign rocket fuel. While the President draws strength and resolve from the enormous crowds of fired-up Americans who flock to see him, they, in turn, are infused with his infectious energy, moved to action by the confidence and enthusiasm he imparts with his every word and his commanding presence.

Democrats know their candidate is weak and that his ‘supporters’ have the intensity of a room full of dental patients waiting for a tooth extraction. Their sum total of their message is “we hate Trump”, higher taxes, more regulation and a re-constituted reign of error by the Democrats’ bellicose, ossified political lifers, only now with a burgeoning splinter of aggressive proto-communist zealots driving their demagogic ideology.

Desperate Democrat power-seekers and their Trump-deranged RINO fellow travelers know Biden’s lead is dwindling (if he ever really had one, given the Trump-hate media and political class’s pathological inability to utter so much as a breath that does not denigrate or diminish the object of their endless scorn and vicious hatred). The leftist Democrat shock troops are already torquing up their (well-organized, well-funded) mob violence on the streets of New York and Philadelphia—a glimmer of the diabolical plans by which they will to go to any lengths and use any means necessary to defeat Donald Trump…or destroy the country in the process.

They are already in the process of resorting to widespread voter fraud to stop the quickly rising Trump and have troweled up a practical army of at least 600 sleazy lawfare specialists from the bottom of the Democrat lawyer cesspool, eagerly scheming to pressure election boards to ratify various Democrat election-stealing fraud schemes like ballot harvesting. While this noxious army of political ambulance chasers swarm over the land seeking to manufacture delay, disarray and uncertainty until or unless they can rig the defeat of Donald Trump, the Biden Democrat-fomented criminal street mobs will augment this chaos-driven pressure with violent “protests” and destructive riots.

From all of the polling I have examined, this presidential race may be as close as the Bush v. Gore race in 2000 and the 1960 contest between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Bush v. Gore was, of course, resolved in the U.S. Supreme Court. Kennedy versus Nixon was resolved by the magnanimity and patriotic fidelity of Vice-President Richard Nixon. Attorneys for Nixon had already gathered more than enough evidence of widespread and systematic Democrat voter fraud in Illinois and Texas (which was extremely well-documented at the time in a detailed series of articles in The New York Herald Tribune), but Nixon selflessly decided against putting the country through the agony of a divisive, drawn-out legal process to eliminate the fruits of Democrat fraud and honestly determine who was the rightful President. Interestingly, American war hero and straight arrow, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, joined a number of prominent Americans urging Nixon to wage a no holds-barred legal challenge to the questionable victory of Democrat John Kennedy.

If my premonition of a razor-thin margin of victory by one candidate or the other turns out to be accurate, it is absolutely imperative that the Trump Campaign, the Republican National Committee and the “Stop The Steal” organization of Republican lawyers working to ensure the integrity of this election, ready to sort out the what and the who of the Democrats’ election fraud, immediately mobilize around one effort. They must have voters lined up and ready who have standing to file the appropriate legal petitions, pleadings and motions to challenge questionable results and expose fraudulent activities wherever they have occurred. They must be prepared to collect and submit persuasive hard evidence detailing all voter fraud and expose those who planned, paid for, solicited or perpetrated these crimes.


Norm Eisen, photo: US Department of State


As I said, Democrats have an illegal ballot harvesting plan in full swing and are coordinating with the foreign-funded domestic terror groups BLM and Antifa to foment violence and political instability in order the steal the 2020 election. Behind all of this organized Democrat corruption is a sleazy legal trickster and Democrat hatchet man named Norm Eisen, who actually wrote a manual or guidebook outlining how he was behind the same type of violent insurrection in other countries—and how he plans to use the same tactics to hijack our election next Tuesday. Eisen’s international trademark is a scenario in which insurrectionist forces engineer various contrivances to loudly contest a national election, while also mobilizing massive protests in support of seizing the election in their favor. These astro-turfed riots are falsely portrayed as “peaceful protests” or acts of civil disobedience, when they are in fact violent destructive mobs.

Eisen wrote a detailed “how to” book for radical revolution, literally called the “Playbook”. This diabolical manual for mass manipulation lays out scenarios for the overthrow of democratically elected governments overseas, which Eisen sought to topple. It includes plans for engineering election fraud scenarios and then using election fraud as the pretext to engineer mass protests intended to cast doubt on the legitimacy of election result.



This un-American slimeball Eisen has been a chief architect of the underhanded, dishonest and even seditious impeachment efforts waged against President Trump, as well as over 180 frivolous or malicious lawsuits against Trump and his political allies. He had already authored ten articles of impeachment against President Trump before the President’s phone call to the President of Ukraine, which Democrats absurdly distorted, misrepresented and inflated into their laughable grounds for impeachment, had even taken place. Eisen was Special Counsel to the Democrats for the impeachment process he had himself engineered.

This ruthless lawyer thug and Democrat zealot Eisen will employ the usual Democrat lawfare tricks to try to steal or overturn the 2020 election, with street thugs as his Plan B. Republicans must be prepared to fight this effort both in the courts and through mobilization of legitimate peaceful protests.

The big stash of ballots that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar got caught with trace directly to Eisen’s ballot-harvesting operation. This is but one strand in a sprawling vote fraud web which can be traced, and proved if necessary, to similar criminal operations underway in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia and Arizona.

I firmly believe, and can look to their long history of engaging in it, that Democrat criminals are, and will be, engaging in widespread voter fraud in various forms including mail-in voting abuse, illegal ballot harvesting, multiple votes cast by one individual, votes cast in the name of persons who are deceased or no longer reside in the voting jurisdiction and manipulation of computerized voting machine tabulations. I know that there will be credible evidence of this everywhere it is perpetrated, if for no other reason than, while Democrat masterminds like Eisen may be crafty little manipulators who slither around in the shadows undetected, the average Democrat thug hired, or otherwise willing, to carry out the necessary election fraud tasks is going to reflect the Democrat base in being either sloppy, stupid, or both, and will leave a trail of evidence behind.

The President’s lawyers and a supporting network of diligent attorneys willing to join the fight against this criminal effort to steal the presidency and more, must be prepared and organized to collect and catalog credible evidence showing the Democrats’ systematic vote fraud campaign, while preserving all available legal options to challenge the results, even if (when) the fake news media works overtime to stampede the public into rubber-stamping a fraudulent election, stealing the presidency if not the Congress too.

To pull off their version of a “color revolution”, Democrats and their fake news propaganda machine in mainstream media have set up a cynical diversionary effort. In recent weeks, corporate-owned Democrat shill media has been in overdrive falsely and maliciously smearing and defaming a fraternal organization called the “Proud Boys,” an extraordinarily small group of mostly young men of all races and identities (the national chairman is a black Latino of Cuban descent) who are essentially a drinking society. Truly vile Democrat stooges in media have published libelous and slanderous statements falsely labeling these men as “white supremacists.” Having absolutely ZERO evidence to substantiate this defamation, all they do is cite a criminal front group run by leftist zealots called the “Southern Poverty Law Center” or SPLC (an organization whose name is three lies in one).

The radical leftists behind this shady defamation factory disguised as a public interest group are neither neutral nor objective, and are a credible arbiter of absolutely nothing on this planet. They have been a malicious propaganda generator against anyone with views that are anything right of the Chamber of Commerce. This evil organization was essentially setup as a money-making scam for left-wing fundraiser Morris Dees, used to fleece well-intentioned low-dollar liberal donors of their money, thinking they were sending money to fight extremists on the right, like Gerald Ford. Meanwhile, they defame as a Nazi or Klansman anyone who doesn’t actively profess twisted hard left doctrine or bow down before the likes of Elizabeth Warren.

That said, their lies about the Proud Boys have been fodder for a despicable smear campaign by the corporate Democrat media which has progressed to totally-false utterly-fabricated insinuations that the Proud Boys are going to suppress votes by menacing , harassing and assaulting voters at polling places.

I predict here and now that no Trump-supporter anywhere of any kind will in any way intimidate or harass voters at the polls, nor even attempt such conduct. Because the left always accuses their opponents of whatever crimes or treachery in which they are themselves engaged, or planning to engage, I am concerned about the Norm Eisen—Mark Elias—Neal Katyal scheme to steal the 2020 election and the presidency, using Black Lives Matter and Antifa to intimidate and harass Trump voters at the polling places in order to suppress the Trump vote—particularly among older citizens.

The head Democrat election thief Eisen calls his ballot fraud/lawfare/street violence operation (what else?) a “Voter Protection Project”. It is anything but that, but one must acknowledge how clever these liberals can be in their nefarious scheming and scamming.

BLM and Antifa have demonstrated beyond question that they have the numbers, funding, structure and organization to stage such violent suppressive incidents at carefully selected polling locations around the country. The notion that Antifa is, per Joe Biden in the first presidential debate, merely “an idea” or “ideology” and not an actual organization is, aside from being lunacy, disproved by their criminally violent and well-organized actions in recent months. Someone is paying for trucks, buses, U-Hauls and pallets of bricks, as well as the lawyers who show up instantaneously with bail money whenever one of these violent terrorists is arrested.

That America is awash with dark money to fund these terrorist operations and the insurrection they seek to foment is beyond question at this point. These are the thugs who will lead the wave of violence that Mr. Eisen and his cohorts have planned to use the pressure tactic against the vote counters, while Mr. Katyal and his band of manipulative lawyer thugs badger and threaten them with legal maneuvers.

In recent days the Democrat propaganda fake news media juggernaut has taken on the practice of distorting virtually everything I say, ever since the Soviet-style show trial I was put through in Washington D.C. This has only escalated since President’s humanitarian act of justice and mercy, commuting the outlandish sentence slapped on me by the vicious partisan judge who made sure I would never receive a fair trial and sought to incarcerate me immediately in a prison rife with COVID-19 cases, literally putting my life at great risk to sate their partisan malice. The President’s clemency by which I was able to escape certain death in a federal penitentiary has degenerate leftist zealots feeling denied the fruits of their lawless abuses of power and corruption of our courts as their illegitimate tool for political score-settling. Many will surely attack me for revealing the truth in this article.

Since they now twist and distort anything I say publicly, let me state it clearly and unequivocally: I renounce violence of any kind as a solution to any dispute over the outcome of the election taking place just days from now. If there is credible evidence of voter fraud sufficient to distort the election results, and the fake news media and violent shock-troops of the Democrat Party should attempt to stampede the country into accepting the illegitimate election of Joe Biden as president, the dispute must nonetheless be settled in the courts, not in the streets.