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  • Special Thursday Event—Defeat Biden's "Jobs" Boondoggle with a Space Program

    Special Thursday Event—Defeat Biden's "Jobs" Boondoggle with a Space Program

     April 07, 2021 ·  

    In preparation for our live Zoom webcast this Thursday (April 8), we're featuring Lyndon LaRouche's 2011 demolition of populist conceptions of make-work infrastructure programs, and his revolutionary notion of economic platforms of development. Simply attacking Biden's boondoggle "jobs' plan and complaining about big government will not make America a manufacturing super power again, we need to think big, with big projects, and a conception of the future we must create. 

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  • Building a Platform on Mars, An Update on Perseverance

    Building a Platform on Mars, An Update on Perseverance

     March 06, 2021 ·  

    Kesha Rogers reports on the Mars Perseverance Rover following a NASA press conference on the first accomplishments of the Perseverance Rover. In her report Kesha highlights the thousands of images Perseverance has captured, Perseverance's first drive on Mars, the successful deployments of the Mars wind sensors, MEDA for weather reports, and the fascinating cameras mounted on the arm of Perseverance, and the spectrometers and lasers to search for possible signs of past microbial life.

  • LaRouche on MLK & Real Leadership

    LaRouche on MLK & Real Leadership

     February 25, 2021 ·  

    In a world where the political process seems utterly broken, many people are asking, who will lead this country? Where are our leaders? Remember, oftentimes, history has been changed not by elected or ordained officials, but individuals just like you and me, who were determined to represent the unrepresented—the forgotten men and women. And many times, those people changed the world forever. Here, Lyndon LaRouche addresses a Martin Luther King, Jr. Prayer Breakfast in 2004, and uses the example of Dr. King's life and commitment to show each of us what effective leadership really is. 

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  • Episode #3: The Greatest Politics, Moving Men's Souls

    Episode #3: The Greatest Politics, Moving Men's Souls

     February 17, 2021 ·  

    In our third episode of the American History podcast, Mike talks with Dan Leach, a long-time organizer with LaRouche's movement and a poet himself. The two discuss the genius mind and impact of English poet and patriot Percy Bysshe Shelley. While Shelley died at the tragically young age of 29, in 1822, his career as a poet and political organizer was inspiringly prolific. So what does this have to do with American history? What does a poet know about politics? Find out this and more in Episode #3 of the LaRouchePAC American History Podcast.

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  • Celebrating Our Founder, Lyndon LaRouche

    Celebrating Our Founder, Lyndon LaRouche

     February 11, 2021 ·  

    On February 12, 2019, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., departed this earth. He was a man who led the resistance to most of what you see happening presently in the decadence, incompetence, and violence of our elites, while simultaneously presenting a profound vision for the future of the United States and the world. He pursued that vision through a political movement operating to dramatically change the present in order to create a future for our children and our grandchildren centered in the creative nature of human beings.

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  • Episode #1 with Bob Ingraham

    Episode #1 with Bob Ingraham

     January 20, 2021 ·  

    Welcome to our inaugural American History podcast! Our host Michael Steger sits down with author and historian Robert Ingraham and the two discuss everything from the Great Reset occupying the White House, to what is the American System? (and why it's not a formula), why the "Austrian School" is anti-American and didn't actually come from Austria at all, and how the construction of the Erie Canal was crucial in sabotaging efforts to bring other territories and states in as slave states. Enjoy!

  • Class #1: Bruce Director on LaRouche's Economics

    Class #1: Bruce Director on LaRouche's Economics

     January 17, 2021 ·  

    The fight to rebuild the American economy as the scientific and manufacturing powerhouse, set in motion during the first Trump administration, now enters a new phase. The incoming “Biden” administration has already vowed to return to the bad old days of the British Empire’s global dictatorship now called the “great reset”, which means big bailouts for global financial powers, takedown of U.S. productive industry, green zero-growth, and big-tech repression.

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  • January 6 — What Really Happened in DC?

    January 6 — What Really Happened in DC?

     January 08, 2021 ·  

    On January 6, LaRouchePAC was on the ground for both the peaceful rally in DC, and the provocateur-run break in at the Capitol, and we've got explosive footage of both. 

  • The American Presidency vs The British Empire

    The American Presidency vs The British Empire

     January 02, 2021 ·  

    The fight to secure President Trump’s second term and to stop the emplacement of a Biden-Harris globalist-run satrapy into the U.S. Presidency is but an extension of the centuries-long battle between the British Empire and our Constitutional Republic. President Trump has been under attack by a foreign oligarchy, presently centered in the modern British Empire, with financial headquarters in the City of London and Wall Street, and with a political “sub-headquarters” in what has become known as the “swamp” or “deep state.”

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