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  • California Recall Countdown Bulletin No. 2

    California Recall Countdown Bulletin No. 2

     September 09, 2021 ·   · 9 reactions

    Identity Politics is Mass Delusion. Will You Let These Imposters Dupe You Again? Vote Yes, on the Recall. 

    While the drought turns the state into a desert, farming is shut down because farmers are denied water, the fires rage on, people die from COVID or poison drugs like Fentanyl, or from joining the vast horde of the homeless, your kids are indoctrinated by Maoists, violent criminals roam just outside your door, your business has shut down and your livelihood has vanished, and your power goes on and off –All of this, and Gavin Newsom says you should keep him in office because he allegedly honors your black, brown, or non-binary identity.

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  • California Recall Countdown Bulletin No. 1

    California Recall Countdown Bulletin No. 1

     September 08, 2021 ·  

    How panicked are Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, and Newsom’s long-time sugar daddy, George Soros about the California recall winding up on September 14th?  Plenty.  A win or a huge vote against Newsom has the potential to totally disrupt the entire globalist effort to destroy the United States.  After all, who would have thought, before now, that California would lead this revolt?

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