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  • Part 3: Zero Growth Kills Millions

    Part 3: Zero Growth Kills Millions

     October 23, 2020 ·   · 2 reactions

    In a 1983 report Lyndon LaRouche warned: 

    “In the coming period, fission sources, increasingly supplemented and later entirely superseded by thermonuclear, must be the leading feature of energy-generation policy. It would not be possible to supply supplies of added energy adequate to approach the requirements of the developing sector, most emphatically, without primary emphasis on unleashing and expanding potentials for fission generation of electricity and process heat today, and proceeding as rapidly as possible toward progress in successively more advanced versions of controlled thermonuclear processes. Without this policy, tens of millions or some multiple of that must die of increased mortality rates, for lack of energy supplies adequate to prevent this.” (Emphasis added.)

     — A Fifty-Year Development Policy for the Indian-Pacific Oceans Basin, EIR, 1983.

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  • Part 2: Defining ‘National Economic Energy Flux Density’

    Part 2: Defining ‘National Economic Energy Flux Density’

     October 16, 2020 ·   · 1 reaction

    Regular followers of the LaRouchePAC website might have seen various references to assessments of the energy or electricity consumption per capita, for either the United States or other nations.  Over recent years, these studies have been carried out with the recognition that energy or electricity consumption per capita is a rough, but useful approximation of the energy flux density of a national economy considered as a self-bounded dynamic system.  In this series of articles, we are taking that approximation a few steps closer to reality by focusing on a deeper understanding of Lyndon LaRouche’s notion of energy flux density. 

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  • Part 1: What Is Energy Flux Density?

    Part 1: What Is Energy Flux Density?

     October 09, 2020 ·   · 1 reaction

    The prospects of a re-election of Donald Trump, and a successful defeat of the attempted coup against his presidency, raises the potential for the United States to return to the mission orientation long advocated for by Lyndon LaRouche. The enemy is the British imperial system, including, emphatically, ideological enslavement, as has been increasingly enforced upon the world in the name of globalization (what some call globalism).¹  This present system is responsible for the deaths of countless millions throughout the underdeveloped world, and has left so-called developed countries like the United States in post-industrial ruins. 

    What is the alternative? 

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  • Stop Studying Flea Markets, Create Space Markets

    Stop Studying Flea Markets, Create Space Markets

     August 20, 2020 ·   · 1 reaction

    Famous Economics Experiment has been Asking the Wrong Question for 60 Years

    A recent article caught my attention, "Famous economics experiment reproduced thousands of times" (by Whitney Clavin, California Institute of Technology).

    The article, and the study it's based on, call attention to the highly problematic nature of popular discussions of economic theory in the United States today. Rather than endless discussion about supply and demand and free markets, it would be far more useful to study the vast global economic benefits of a Moon-Mars colonization program. To do this competently, the axiomatic problems of modern economic thought need to be highlighted, removed, and replaced.

    The article in question opens,

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  • Artemis and the True Science of Human Advancement

    Artemis and the True Science of Human Advancement

     August 17, 2020 ·   · 1 reaction

    President Trump's Project Artemis is not only a return to the Moon by 2024, but the establishment of a permanently manned base on the Moon by 2028—providing key steps towards Lyndon LaRouche's outline for a Moon-Mars colonization program.  This is the greatest endeavor of exploration in human history, and represents an evolutionary leap in mankind's existence in the Universe, similar to the first emergence of life onto land from the primordial oceans 430 million years ago.

    This project is critical to the restoration of a pro-growth, industrial and manufacturing-based United States economy, and to a new global system based not on monetary globalization, but based on the industrial development of all nations and people.

    Both the Artemis project and the unique perspective of space colonization defined by Lyndon LaRouche were discussed in depth during a special August 15, 2020 video seminar with Michael Steger, Kesha Rogers, Brian Lantz, and Ben Deniston.

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  • A response to Michael Cernovich: The secret to making America great again, understanding true source of wealth

    A response to Michael Cernovich: The secret to making America great again, understanding true source of wealth

     August 02, 2020 ·   · 1 reaction

    We should then recognize that the development of basic economic infrastructure had always been a needed creation of what is required as an ‘habitable’ development of a ‘synthetic,’ rather than a presumably ‘natural’ environment for the enhancement, or even the possibility of human life and practice at some time in the existence of our human species.… Man as a creator in the likeness of the great Creator, is expressed by humanity's creation of the ‘artificial environments’ we sometimes call ‘infrastructure,’ on which both the progress, and even the merely continued existence of civilized society depends.

    - Lyndon LaRouche, “What Your Accountant Never Understood: The Secret Economy,” April 17, 2010.

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  • LaRouche Addresses Coronavirus Crisis in 1998

    LaRouche Addresses Coronavirus Crisis in 1998

     March 19, 2020 ·  

    In 1998, Lyndon LaRouche presented a speech, “How the Top 1% of Americans Think.” Not the top 1% who are rich, but Americans who decided to think their way through an international financial collapse and the spread of deadly viruses. He outlined how we got to our present rotten state in real economy and healthcare. He said we had to become angels and go to war against the intellectual and moral stupidity which put us in this crisis. How do you think about reconstructing the real economy after the tremendous hit it is going to take? That challenge is what LaRouche answers in this presentation.

    The full transcript of his remarks can be found here.

  • LaRouche's Mission, and Yours—On the Anniversary of his Passing

    LaRouche's Mission, and Yours—On the Anniversary of his Passing

     February 11, 2020 ·  

    Today is the one-year anniversary of the passing of Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. We ask you to join us in reflecting on his life and his legacy, and to join us in completing the unfinished business of his exoneration.

    While incarcerated as political prisoner 30 years ago, LaRouche reflected the true meaning of human life,

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  • LaRouche: For Middle East Peace, Change the World in Which the Middle East is Located

    LaRouche: For Middle East Peace, Change the World in Which the Middle East is Located

     January 06, 2020 ·  

    In a speech on May 4, 2009, at Central Connecticut State University, Lyndon LaRouche traced the history of the present conflict in the Middle East to British imperial policies, emphasizing that at solution to the endless wars in this region will not come from dynamics from within the region because all players are being played.

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  • Storm Over Asia (1999)

    Storm Over Asia (1999)

     January 03, 2020 ·   · 1 reaction

    When Lyndon LaRouche recorded "Storm Over Asia" twenty years ago, there was no economic development process like China’s Belt and Road Initiative, involving over 155 nations. Russia was just emerging, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, from a vicious eight-year looting spree that had been carried out by the International Monetary Fund, resulting in the reduction of the Russian population by one million people per year. The September 11, 2001 attack on America, and the subsequent Afghanistan and Second Iraq Wars, had not yet occurred.

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