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  • A "Builders Party" Could Fix the West's Exceptional Drought

    A "Builders Party" Could Fix the West's Exceptional Drought

     March 13, 2021 ·   · 2 reactions

    The western water crisis has returned with a vengeance over the last three months, shattering "exceptional drought" records for the western states (going back to the formation of the U.S. Drought Monitor in 1999). 20% of the American west has reached the most severe U.S. Drought Monitor level, “exceptional drought,” with 75% in some level of drought, and growing discussion of a “megadrought.”

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  • LaRouche on MLK & Real Leadership

    LaRouche on MLK & Real Leadership

     February 25, 2021 ·   · 1 reaction

    In a world where the political process seems utterly broken, many people are asking, who will lead this country? Where are our leaders? Remember, oftentimes, history has been changed not by elected or ordained officials, but individuals just like you and me, who were determined to represent the unrepresented—the forgotten men and women. And many times, those people changed the world forever. Here, Lyndon LaRouche addresses a Martin Luther King, Jr. Prayer Breakfast in 2004, and uses the example of Dr. King's life and commitment to show each of us what effective leadership really is. 

    Watch LaRouche's Full 2004 MLK Prayer Breakfast Address


  • The Fanatical Frogman Who Stunk Up WHO’s China COVID Investigation

    The Fanatical Frogman Who Stunk Up WHO’s China COVID Investigation

     February 22, 2021 ·  

    Even the China CDC disagrees with the World Health Organization (WHO) investigative team’s leading hypothesis that the Wuhan wet market remains the most likely origins of the COVID pandemic. A team of Chinese scientists in a paper published in the January 24, 2020 British medical journal The Lancet concluded that the wet market was not the source.

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  • Celebrating Our Founder, Lyndon LaRouche

    Celebrating Our Founder, Lyndon LaRouche

     February 11, 2021 ·   · 1 reaction

    On February 12, 2019, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., departed this earth. He was a man who led the resistance to most of what you see happening presently in the decadence, incompetence, and violence of our elites, while simultaneously presenting a profound vision for the future of the United States and the world. He pursued that vision through a political movement operating to dramatically change the present in order to create a future for our children and our grandchildren centered in the creative nature of human beings.

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  • Davos, 2021 —The Oligarchy Frets as the Crisis Deepens

    Davos, 2021 —The Oligarchy Frets as the Crisis Deepens

     January 31, 2021 ·  

    Day 1 of the World Economic Forum’s 2021 Davos Conference featured a breathtaking display of oligarchical intention to eradicate all national sovereignty and remake the world with the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy in the driver’s seat. This year’s Davos Agenda is a "virtual" conference, taking place on-line. Postings include video presentations, accompanying transcripts, as well as additional supporting material that has been posted on the WEF website. 

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  • The Avatar President Arrives: Cookies for Human Props; Pure Hell for the Economy

    The Avatar President Arrives: Cookies for Human Props; Pure Hell for the Economy

     January 27, 2021 ·   · 1 reaction

    Less than a week into his occupation of the White House, the Avatar President, Joe Biden, has, not surprisingly, launched a head-on assault against the U.S. economy, at the behest of his imperial masters. But unlike during previous, similar wholesale looting attacks and outright robbery of the population, President Trump awakened the U.S. citizenry to their power, and they will not go back to tolerating a less than human condition.

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  • Episode #1 with Bob Ingraham

    Episode #1 with Bob Ingraham

     January 20, 2021 ·   · 1 reaction

    Welcome to our inaugural American History podcast! Our host Michael Steger sits down with author and historian Robert Ingraham and the two discuss everything from the Great Reset occupying the White House, to what is the American System? (and why it's not a formula), why the "Austrian School" is anti-American and didn't actually come from Austria at all, and how the construction of the Erie Canal was crucial in sabotaging efforts to bring other territories and states in as slave states. Enjoy!

  • The British Empire’s ‘Great Reset’

    The British Empire’s ‘Great Reset’

     January 15, 2021 ·   · 1 reaction

    On January 20, 2021 Joe Biden is scheduled to be inaugurated as President of the United States. On the very next day the World Economic Forum, an organization composed of the richest and most powerful people in the world, will be convening a four day online international conference. The title of that event is “The Davos Agenda,” and it is intended to launch an organizing drive for the WEF’s “Great Reset Initiative.” Since Joe Biden’s campaign slogan and the Great Reset’s campaign slogan are exactly the same, you can make some pretty sound predictions about what is coming from Biden. Do not be fooled by the fact that he repeatedly stumbles over the words in that slogan every time he says it. And, he stumbles through the words repeatedly, in every speech he gives, as if hypnotically entranced.

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  • How to Organize a Revolution

    How to Organize a Revolution

     January 09, 2021 ·   · 1 reaction

    During his lifetime Benjamin Franklin became the most feared enemy of the British Empire. He fought. He conspired. He recruited. He displayed the same quality of courage as that which is needed today in our fight to rescue the American Republic.

    In this concluding installment of our series on Franklin, we ask two questions. First,—Why did Franklin do what he did? And second,—Why did he succeed?

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  • January 6 — What Really Happened in DC?

    January 6 — What Really Happened in DC?

     January 08, 2021 ·   · 1 reaction

    On January 6, LaRouchePAC was on the ground for both the peaceful rally in DC, and the provocateur-run break in at the Capitol, and we've got explosive footage of both.