Join the LaRouchePAC’s fight to revive the space program, led by Kesha Rogers, as the key and indispensable driver to save the United States. Begin by educating yourself with the material on this webpage, and work with Kesha to make it happen.

Now the United States faces a critical decision which will determine the future of our nation. Will we continue to go along with the dying policy of the trans-Atlantic system, which is a policy of death for our U.S. economy at the hands of the bankrupt Wall Street financial institutions and the destructive policies of the last four terms of the Bush and Obama Administrations? Or, will we restore a national mission and vision for the future of our nation, to once again lead the world in scientific and economic progress?...The greatest tool that we have in the United States for bringing about that renewed mission and renewed optimism for our nation, is fully launching a revival of our national space program, with all its irreplaceable contributions to scientific and economic progress.
Kesha Rogers“To Save the U.S. Economy, Revive the Space Program!”, March 18, 2016


“If God had wanted man to become a spacefaring species, he would have given man a moon.”
—Krafft Ehricke

Imagine that the first human had set foot on Mars in 1984, as was planned by the people who put man on the Moon just 15 years earlier. Imagine that the rocket that took the first crew there was constructed in lunar orbit by a team based in a large orbiting space station—one of several—from which the crew and their rocket departed. Imagine that robust mining and manufacturing operations on the Moon had provided some of the key structural components of that rocket, and that the trip to Mars was powered by a nuclear rocket engine.

Imagine where we as mankind could have been today, 30 years later, had we achieved those goals. Would we be facing something so juvenile as the existential threat of economic collapse and world war that hangs over our heads today?

Those who have adopted the outlook of empire, such as the criminal occupants of Wall St., or the green ideologues who cry “limited resources!” will disagree; but they are wrong.

Man is Not an Animal

As the great space visionary Krafft Ehricke said in his 1957 “Anthropology of Astronautics”:

1. Nobody and nothing under the natural laws of this universe impose any limitations on man, except man himself.
2. Not only the Earth, but the entire Solar System, and as much of the universe as he can reach under the laws of nature, are man’s rightful field of activity.
3. By expanding throughout the universe, man fulfills his destiny as an element of life, endowed with the power of reason and the wisdom of the moral law within himself.

Man creates his own future through discoveries of higher and more powerful principles than those he wielded before. Compared to mankind of the middle ages, or of the 18th century, we as a species are a mighty geological force, with powers to cause change and development, and to sustain human life which simply didn’t exist before.

What this means for us today, if we want to survive, is that a new paradigm must take the place (and is already) of the collapsed British Empire system, based on cooperation among nations for shared great achievements which advance man’s mastery of new fundamental physical principles, and their implementation in the form of new technologies. That is the only legitimate basis for an economic system.

Man’s Future Lies in Space

The space program must lead the way to the future, beginning with the farside of the Moon.

Mankind has never landed anything—robot or human—on the lunar farside. Yet that location promises to tell us more about the history of the development of our Solar system with its unique geology than anything we can access on Earth; and as a radio astronomy observatory, it will give us a glimpse into features of the Solar system, Milky Way galaxy and far distant galaxies which are simply impossible to see from Earth or Earth orbit.

What new discoveries about the principle of our galaxy, and of galactic systems in general, will originate from the first teams of scientists stationed on the Moon?

The Moon (and perhaps the farside in particular) also demolishes the idea that there are limited resources! An abundant depository of fuel for nuclear fusion—helium-3—the Moon can provide power for billions of people for hundreds, or even thousand of years. Developing the Moon’s resources will cause a revolutionary leap—both quantitatively and qualitatively—in power wielded per capita through our mastery of the principles of nuclear fusion, and in the new discoveries we make by living and working there.

How Do We Get There?

While the space program in the United States has been under vicious attack and shutdown by Obama since 2010, during the same time period, China has put two probes in orbit around the Moon, and landed the first rover on the surface since 1976! China will return samples of lunar soil and rocks to Earth in 2017, and in 2018, they will do what has never been done before: land a rover on the lunar farside!

China’s clearly-stated mission is to pursue the development of helium-3 on the Moon, set up radio observatories on the lunar farside, and by 2036, to send people to set foot on the lunar surface for the first time since 1972!

And China is not looking to do this alone; they have offered cooperation to any nation who wants to join them. In fact, with the U.S. experience in space exploration, there is much that the U.S. uniquely can offer to an international effort in space development.

A depiction of NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. The LRO is carrying out detailed mappings of the lunar surface, including a 3D surface map, scouting for resources, a topographic map, detecting the radiation environment, etc.
The LRO imaged the landing site of China's Chang'e 3 lander in 2013, shortly after its arrival, and twice in 2014.
The Apollo 17 landing site, complete with tracks of the Lunar Roving Vehicle, foot tracks of the astronauts, the "Challenger" descent stage, and other equipment.
The GRAIL mission (one-year mission from December 2011-2012) consisted of two orbiters flying in tight formation, which made a mapping of the Moon's gravitational field, among other studies.
A detailed mapping of variations in the Moon's gravitation field, made by GRAIL.

More on the U.S. Space Program

How Do We Do This?

While Obama first earned his Hitler mustache for his Nazi healthcare program, he earned his first count of impeachment for the 2010 cancellation of the manned spaceflight program.

This can quickly be reversed. LaRouchePAC Policy Committee member Kesha Rogers is leading the fight to oust Obama, and to restore our space program as the top national priority.

Kesha ran three campaigns for federal office, winning the Democratic primary for House of Representatives of Texas’ 22nd district in both 2010 and 2012, and running a close campaign for Senate in 2014, on the platform of impeaching Obama and saving NASA.

  1. “Save NASA, Impeach Obama” is launched!

    February 2010

    Obama announces the end of NASA's Constellation program (the next U.S. manned moon mission) in his FY budget 2010, which prompts Lyndon LaRouche to call for his immediate impeachment. Kesha’s campaign for U.S. Congress, in the district representing the Johnson Space Center, goes into full swing with the message, “Save NASA, Impeach Obama!”

  2. Kesha Wins the Democratic Primary

    March 2010

    Kesha wins the Democratic primary by a landslide 53%, (7,500 votes) and receives national and international attention. Here the Texas Tribune interviews her to figure out “who she is and how she did it.”

  3. 62,000 Votes for Kesha's "Save NASA, Impeach Obama"

    November 2010

    Challenging every “rule” in the book, Kesha defies party politics and leads the country in calling for Obama's impeachment. The Democrats suffer heavy losses in the mid-term elections, while Kesha—a Democrat in Texas—earns 30% of the vote (62,082 votes) to incumbent republican Pete Olson’s 67%.

  4. Rogers Announces 2012 Bid for TX-22

    Feb 2012

    While Republicans and Democrats alike continue to protect Obama, standing idly by as vital U.S. aerospace industry capacity is shut down, Kesha launches a second congressional campaign for TX-22, putting the restoration of Glass-Steagall and a national space renaissance together as a bold package for a U.S. recovery.

  5. Wins her second primary with over 50% of the vote

    May 2012

    Again, the people of the 22nd congressional district respond loud and clear: “Save NASA, Impeach Obama!” Kesha becomes the Democratic nominee for the 22nd congressional district for a second time in a row, again with over 50% of the vote.

  6. Another 80,000 Vote for Kesha & to “Save NASA, Impeach Obama”

    November 2012

    Come November, Kesha receives the most support from the population of her entire campaign, earning over 80,000 votes in the general election.

  7. Launches Bid for U.S. Senate

    Dec 2013

    While Obama's approval ratings plummet, the Congress' aren't far behind. It's clear both parties are stuck in a Wall Street dominated paradigm, so Kesha takes her fight statewide, announcing her bid for U.S. Senate.

  8. Kesha forces David Alameel into a run-off

    March 2014

    Despite party hacks working overtime to try to stop Kesha, she wins 21% in the primary, forcing multi-millionaire David Alameel into a run-off for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate.

  9. Man's Future in Space Must Be Part of 2016

    March 2016

    In the chaos of the Presidential elections, Kesha campaigns to bring together the remaining intelligent and skilled members of the space community to think big and remind Americans what man’s role is in the universe.

  10. Work with Kesha

Read more: Kesha's Campaign

Today, Kesha is calling on all citizens to stand up on their hind legs and demand our space program back! Stop tolerating the idea that Wall St. money represents national wealth! Instead, adopt a truly human identity, with a mission to contribute to the advancement of all mankind. To that effect, Kesha and the LaRouchePAC are circulating a white paper entitled, “Principles and Boundary Conditions of a New Space Program”.

Policy Outline for a New Space Program

Only a mission such as this can inspire the nation once again—particularly our young people, large numbers of whom are currently dying through drug overdoses, suicide, and other diseases of a “no future” society—to dedicate themselves to making a contribution toward uplifting mankind as a whole to new, higher capabilities.

That commitment—not economic collapse and perpetual war—must be the U.S. offering to the rest of the world.

Why do we need a space program? Because we’re human, and humans are a species capable of perpetual progress.

Join us.

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