• Class#2: What is the Modern British Empire?

    Class#2: What is the Modern British Empire?

     February 21, 2021 ·  

    In the second class in our series, "What is the Modern British Empire?", Bob Ingraham discusses the development of the imperial banking model in Venice, Amsterdam and London, financial speculation, and rule by oligarchy versus the sovereign nation state.

  • Human Discovery and the Commonwealth Principle

    Human Discovery and the Commonwealth Principle

     February 13, 2021 ·  

    Class #1 of our new class series "Why the British Empire is the Enemy of the American Republic and all of Humanity."  In this first class, Robert Ingraham covers, how the human species has developed, advanced and increased its power over nature; why we talk about "Physical Economics;" and the Commonwealth Principle. 

  • Davos, 2021 —The Oligarchy Frets as the Crisis Deepens

    Davos, 2021 —The Oligarchy Frets as the Crisis Deepens

     January 31, 2021 ·  

    Day 1 of the World Economic Forum’s 2021 Davos Conference featured a breathtaking display of oligarchical intention to eradicate all national sovereignty and remake the world with the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy in the driver’s seat. This year’s Davos Agenda is a "virtual" conference, taking place on-line. Postings include video presentations, accompanying transcripts, as well as additional supporting material that has been posted on the WEF website. 

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  • The British Empire’s ‘Great Reset’

    The British Empire’s ‘Great Reset’

     January 15, 2021 ·  

    On January 20, 2021 Joe Biden is scheduled to be inaugurated as President of the United States. On the very next day the World Economic Forum, an organization composed of the richest and most powerful people in the world, will be convening a four day online international conference. The title of that event is “The Davos Agenda,” and it is intended to launch an organizing drive for the WEF’s “Great Reset Initiative.” Since Joe Biden’s campaign slogan and the Great Reset’s campaign slogan are exactly the same, you can make some pretty sound predictions about what is coming from Biden. Do not be fooled by the fact that he repeatedly stumbles over the words in that slogan every time he says it. And, he stumbles through the words repeatedly, in every speech he gives, as if hypnotically entranced.

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  • How to Organize a Revolution

    How to Organize a Revolution

     January 09, 2021 ·  

    During his lifetime Benjamin Franklin became the most feared enemy of the British Empire. He fought. He conspired. He recruited. He displayed the same quality of courage as that which is needed today in our fight to rescue the American Republic.

    In this concluding installment of our series on Franklin, we ask two questions. First,—Why did Franklin do what he did? And second,—Why did he succeed?

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  • What It Means to Be an American, LaRouchePAC Southwest Activist Meeting with Bob Ingraham

    What It Means to Be an American, LaRouchePAC Southwest Activist Meeting with Bob Ingraham

     December 29, 2020 ·  

    This week's discussion is by Robert Ingraham. Bob is the author of an eight part series on Ben Franklin and the fight for the true principles of the American Revolution. This is not some academic history series. LaRouche PAC is identifying the true fight against the enemy of our Republic and of humanity. This fight is not about vote fraud, Democrats vs. Republicans, or even Communism. We are engaged in a fight to defend our Republic from the British Empire and its globalist agenda of war, green genocide, and economic collapse. This is the very fight Trump had pledged to wage from the very beginning of his Presidency. This is why he was immediately targeted as a threat to the very British House of Lords and financier elites that waged a coup against him. They vowed that under no circumstances should Trump be allowed a second term in office.

  • “We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident. . . .”

    “We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident. . . .”

     December 26, 2020 ·  

    This is the story of how America became a Beacon of Hope and a Temple of Liberty for her citizens and for all of humanity, and the leadership role of Benjamin Franklin in bringing this about. This story, on the surface, deals with slavery, but that is not the real subject. The central question is, “What does it mean to be an American?” and what are the principles that define the nature of our Republic? Are those principles universal? Do they encompass each of us?

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  • A Nation Built on Discovery

    A Nation Built on Discovery

     December 19, 2020 ·  

    Human happiness and scientific progress are inseparable. The secret of America is that ours is a Republic based on Science. As Lyndon LaRouche once described this: “Since our national beginnings in such places as the Massachusetts Bay Colony’s mid-seventeenth-century development, until the close of the 1960s, ‘being an American’ signified an exuberant commitment to fostering and enjoying the benefits of scientific and technological progress.”

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  • Franklin in Paris: December, 1776—July, 1785 The Power of Patriotism

    Franklin in Paris: December, 1776—July, 1785 The Power of Patriotism

     December 14, 2020 ·  

    Patriotism is the most powerful of strategic weapons. It springs forth from within the soul of the slumbering individual, to awaken a morality, a courage, which is sacred. It is the wellspring from which an aroused people can be mobilized in defense of the nation, her posterity and the principles which guide her destiny.

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  • Franklin’s Deplorables

    Franklin’s Deplorables

     December 07, 2020 ·  

    One can still hear the catcalls of Hillary Clinton and her acolytes from 2016, snickering and mocking the supporters of Donald Trump as “deplorables,” an arrogance which made her the most hated woman in America. An intelligent person might think that those elitists would have learned from that disastrous blunder. But no. During the four years of the Trump presidency, the indignant demand of the elite class—that only they are qualified to rule—has only grown in its self-righteous ferocity. From New York City, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Washington DC and those living in the gated communities and wealthy enclaves which surround many of our other major cities, the super-rich’s derision of mom & pop America is now more visceral than ever.

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  • Independence


     December 02, 2020 ·  

    As the month of December unfolds, we American patriots must steel ourselves for the fight required in the days ahead—and the actions that must be taken to secure victory. Here, as a lesson to guide us, we present Benjamin Franklin’s leadership in the days leading up to American Independence. What is written below is not just history. Consider our situation today. Are we to be ground into the dust by a modern-day British Empire? To live under the diktats of a near-hereditary global oligarchy, who actually govern from Davos, the City of London, Silicon Valley and various agencies of the United Nations,—who then dictate policy to national governments? Are we destined to be the slaves and serfs of a self-appointed global elite?

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  • Leadership at a Time of Crisis

    Leadership at a Time of Crisis

     November 28, 2020 ·  

    As of this writing, the official outcome of the U.S. Presidential election, under the provisions of the U.S. Constitution, is still not decided. Millions of Americans are in the streets demanding that the vote fraud which occurred on Nov. 3 be overturned. The President’s legal team is fighting tenaciously in the courts to achieve that aim, and President Trump himself, despite the almost unanimous opposition of a treasonous news media, continues to defend Constitutional law.

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  • 1774: Franklin in the Cockpit—Face to Face Against Empire

    1774: Franklin in the Cockpit—Face to Face Against Empire

     November 24, 2020 ·  

    On November 19, 2020, at a press briefing by President Trump’s legal team, Sidney Powell declared that the current battle to overturn the massive vote fraud in the Presidential election “is the 1775 of our generation and beyond.” This statement is neither an exaggeration nor rhetoric. It accurately describes the revolutionary moment before us and the responsibilities which lie on each of us. As in the months prior to the Declaration of Independence, we are now confronted with a bestial imperial faction intent upon crushing all opposition to a globalist agenda of economic looting, dictatorial rule and cultural subversion.

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  • Midwest Meeting — On the Cusp of a New American Revolution

    Midwest Meeting — On the Cusp of a New American Revolution

     November 19, 2020 ·  

    From the minute Donald Trump was elected and the Russiagate hoax began, LaRouchePAC insisted that the coup was being run by the British. Now it is out in the open. Smartmatic, the software company programmed to steal the votes, is run by British House of Lords member, Mark Malloch-Brown, a George Soros ally in the globalist plan to destroy nations and impose a green, fascist bankers dictatorship.

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  • A Vignette Concerning Benjamin Franklin

    A Vignette Concerning Benjamin Franklin

     November 17, 2020 ·  

    In a spirit of harmony with President Trump’s directive to call forth the teaching of actual American history in our schools, I offer here the first in a series of vignettes on the lessons that may be learned from the life of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin built and led a successful revolution, the greatest revolution in human history. In our fight today, if we wish to succeed—to save the American Republic, to create a happier, more productive future—we should learn from what he did. We need neither bravado nor defeatism; rather, we must improve our own capabilities and recruit others to the same historic mission. In doing so, we also remind ourselves as to the true purpose of the United States of America.

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