The enemy wants to control you and your behavior. They may even control the concept of what you call freedom. From using paper straws, wearing masks, and taking jabs, to flipping houses, betting the markets, and buying bitcoin, the object is one of control. These mandates now threaten totalitarian control of basic rights and economic activity, including energy consumption, medical treatment, and family sovereignty.

The Nuremberg codes are very clear on what is NOT freedom, and coercion on medical experimentation is verboten. Dr. Leo Alexander stated in 1949 that the "Hegelian utilitarianism" of the Nazi medical community in the 1930s set the course for the death camps a decade later.

But do you know what true freedom really is? Do you know how the enemy has defined freedom, and what they have left out? The answers to these are key to our reestablishing the American Constitutional Republic.

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