Don't buy the b.s. The dwarf kings—like little old lady Lindsey Graham, Mitt "why don't YOU go die for the elites" Romney, and shills like Hannity and Levin—sell Biden's war in Ukraine to destroy the U.S. But hey, they're political dwarves and they listen to their betters.

But, those "elites" are increasingly panicked. The already-exposed Fox News of Rupert Murdoch has now been joined by NewsMax and other "conservative" outlets in pushing the war narrative. The panic of the globalists is only matched by the risks they are taking in trying to impose their satanic game of control over more people. The Ukraine war is no different.

Underneath this drive for war and liberal dictatorship is the collapse of the globalist financial system. The solutions to the crisis are well known, and they begin with utter ridicule, mockery and shunning of the fakers and traitors, especially the 100 dwarves of the US Senate.

Patriotic forces throughout our nation are busting through the narrative and are mobilizing like never before. Tonight we will gather for a lively discussion, as we navigate the  enemy's psyops, and get to the truth!

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