Whether it was Lyndon LaRouche’s fight against the modern-day British Empire or Donald Trump’s fight today against the globalists, the heart of the fight is a conflict between two images of man—that of man as a creator versus that of man as an animal.

LaRouchePAC’s “Project Prometheus” brings that conflict to the fore, with the intention to unleash the productive powers of our people (as Prometheus did when he gave mankind the gift of fire) by creating the quantity and quality of energy needed for the United States to become a manufacturing super-power once again. This further demands that we be free of the green insanity of the current Administration and their globalist controllers.

This will start with a commitment to building hundreds of nuclear power plants, which will fuel our march into the future with an aggressive space program and with the development of nuclear fusion. The critical swing-states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania will play a pivotal role, as the reborn "arsenals of progress."

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