This past Tuesday's U.S. election is the harbinger of the global elites' death knell. The American Spirit is gathering the strength needed to deliver that blow. And the globalists know that spirit can win—if it is infused with the power of the American System of Political Economy. Time is short. Decades of deindustrialization, more recent policies of COVID shutdowns and green insanity, coupled with endless money printing, has put the U.S. on an inflationary, and potentially, hyperinflationary pathway.

Tonight, Tony Papert will look at the parallel to Germany's 1923 hyperinflationary breakdown and will present the weapon to defend our nation from such destruction.

That weapon is the American System, which has been sucked out of your mind, to prevent the American Spirit from being armed with the ideas to restore what Lyndon LaRouche called that “generalized scientific and technological progress."

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