LaRouche: Colored Revolutions "Illegal Warfare Under International Law & Federal Constitution"

November 3, 2014

In an international webcast on Friday June 6, 2014, Lyndon LaRouche called for the impeachment of Barack Obama for continuing to conduct war as did Bush and Cheney on behalf of the British Empire under the cover of the so-called Color Revolutions and the so-called Arab Spring.

This policy, enunciated by Tony Blair, in 1999 in a speech in Chicago, and initiated following the British Empire/Saudia Arabia orchestrated 9/11 attack on the United States, was explicitly denounced by Russian and Belarusian military speakers including Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov, and Vladimir Zarudnitsky, head of Operations for the Russian General Staff, and Belarusian Defense Minister Yury Zhadobin at the May 23 Moscow Security Conference.

Zarudnitsky explicitly said:

"Colored revolutions are a new technique of aggression, geared towards destroying a state from within."

According to Voice of Russia, President Putin personally sent a written keynote address to the Moscow Security Conference which was read to those attending by Defense Minister Shoigu, in which Putin explicitly denounces "color revolutions" by name, stating that the "archaic logic of geopolitical games" is leading to a serious increase in global instability and tension:

"The process of development of a new polycentric system of international relations is proceeding with difficulty and is accompanied by an increase in global instability. We have not been able to make considerable headway in the formation of a union space of peace, security and stability in Europe and the Atlantic. The situation in the Middle East and Northern Africa remains tense, and serious risks are associated with the situation in Afghanistan. Obviously, modern challenges and threats make it necessary to stop the archaic logic of geopolitical games with a zero result, the attempts to force your own methods and values on other peoples, including by color revolutions."

In an interview on French TV prior to the celebration of the anniversary of D-Day, Putin himself pointed to the fact that Europe and the United States are supporting an anti-constitutional armed coup in Ukraine which unleashed chaos and violence right on Russia's border and that the same type of operation is being attempted in Syria.

LaRouche emphasized in the webcast:

"This has been going on in Northern Africa, in games with the Saudis, in games with terrorists, or Blair's operation in setting up the Iraq war, which was an unlawful war, a violation of everything by the British monarchy, the British Empire."

In comments on June 7, LaRouche stressed that 9/11 was actually a "color revolution" directed at the United States. The purpose of this attack on the part of the British Empire and its Saudi Arabian ally was to turn the United States into the instrument for launching perpetual warfare under the doctrines of "limited sovereignty," "responsibility to protect" and "humanitarian intervention" — the so-called Blair Doctrine. The ultimate aim of that policy is to reduce the world's population, i.e. genocide, hardly humanitarian.

The Blair Doctrine: "A New Type of War"

In his speech in Chicago before the Economic Club on April 22, 1999, Blair put forward the British Empire policy of so-called "humanitarian intervention" in violation of the principle of "non-interference" in the sovereign affairs of another nation-state as was established by the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648:

"We are all internationalists now, whether we like it or not... We cannot turn our backs on conflicts and the violation of human rights within other countries if we want still to be secure. On the eve of a new Millennium we are now in a new world. We need new rules for international co-operation and new ways of organising our international institutions... We are witnessing the beginnings of a new doctrine of international community."

In a later speech on March 5, 2004, i.e. after 9/11, Blair was even more explicit:

"So, for me, before Sept. 11, I was already reaching for a different philosophy in international relations from a traditional one that has held sway since the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648; namely, that a country's internal affairs are for it, and you don't interfere unless it threatens you, or breaches a treaty, or triggers an obligation of alliance."

Blair finished his speech by declaring:

"That is the struggle which engages us. It is a new type of war."

In addition to violating the U.S. Constitution, this policy is also in direct violation of Article 2 of the UN Charter which says:

"All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state."

It also merits prosecution under the principle established by the Nuremberg Tribunal that it is a war crime to wage aggressive war, which it defined as a "crime against peace" punishable under international law:

Principle VI of Nuremberg states:

"The crimes hereinafter set out are punishable as crimes under international law:
(a) Crimes against peace:
(i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;
(ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i)."

On the crime of aggressive war, the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg declared:

"War is essentially an evil thing... To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

And yet this is the policy which the Bush/Cheney administration carried out against Iraq under the influence of Blair's lies about weapons of mass destruction. It is also the policy under which Obama has carried out the intervention to overthrow Qaddafi in Libya and has attempted to overthrow Assad in Syria. It is also the doctrine under which Bush/Cheney tortured suspected terrorists and Obama has murdered innocent civilians and even American citizens in Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan through drone attacks. It is also the doctrine under which Obama carried out a Nazi coup in Ukraine.

In the name of "humanitarian intervention" and the "responsibility to protect" — also vehemently espoused by the witches who immediately control Obama, including Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, and Valerie Jarrett — the United States under Obama has allied with al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya and Syria and with Nazis in Ukraine.



Russia Identifies 'Colored Revolutions' As Aggressive Warfare At Moscow Security Conference

On May 23, 2014, the annual Moscow Security Conference was held in which speakers from the top levels of the Russian military command declared that they view so-called colored revolutions to be a new type of aggressive war, identifying the foreign-promotion of such revolutions to be a "new technique of aggression" deployed with the geopolitical intent to deliberately destabilize countries which occupy "an important strategic position and conduct an independent foreign policy" in order to cause "a major shift in the balance of power in a particular region," targetting not only Russia, but also China as well as the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, and South Asia.

Anthony Cordesman of CSIS (Center for Strategic & International Studies), who attended the May 23 Moscow Security Conference, posted 52 pages of his raw notes, with power-point slides included, to the CSIS site under the title, "Russia and the Color Revolution: A Russian Military View of a World Destabilized by the U.S. and the West (Key Briefs)."

Putin Attacks Color Revolutions By Name at Moscow Conference

A Voice of Russia article reports President Vladimir Putin's brief "greetings" to the May 23 Moscow Security Conference, and again confirms Lyndon LaRouche's judgment that the attack on the "color revolutions" as brutal warfare, is Putin's top-down policy.

According to the Voice of Russia article, Putin sent a written address to the Moscow Security Conference which was read by Defense Minister Shoigu, and in which Putin explicitly denounces "color revolutions" by name:

Putin said: "It's time to stop playing geopolitical instability is on the rise and it is now time to stop forcing someone's methods and values on countries."

"The process of development of a new polycentric system of international relations is proceeding with difficulty and is accompanied by an increase in global instability. We have not been able to make considerable headway in the formation of a union space of peace, security and stability in Europe and the Atlantic,"

"Obviously, modern challenges and threats make it necessary to stop the archaic logic of zero-sum geopolitical games, attempts to force your own methods and values on other peoples, including by color revolutions."

Putin Denounces "Anti-Constitutional Armed Coup" in Ukraine

In an exclusive interview with Europe-1 and TF-1, on June 4, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin repeatedly denounced Obama and others in Western Europe for promoting an "anti-constitutional armed coup" in Ukraine in order to topple the previous government, posing a direct threat to Russia including the movement of NATO military infrastructure right up to Russia's border. Putin returned to this point several times throughout the interview, repeatedly using the phrase "anti-constitutional armed coup" as promoted by the United States and Europe. Putin also addressed the support for known al-Qaeda terrorists in the attempts to impose regime change against Bashar al-Assad in Syria, warning that regime change strategy threatens to "turn Syria into another Afghanistan, a completely uncontrollable spawning ground for the terrorist threat, including for European countries."

China Warns Against Pseudo-Democratic Color Revolution "Street Politics"

China's official news agency Xinhua reports that People's Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party, carried a signed article yesterday, calling on people to guard against "the trap of Western-style democracy." Senior Editor Mi Bohua writes:

"'Copying Western-style democracy would probably lead to disaster,' and 'street politics' usually leads to domestic turmoil and even civil war."

Reflecting the warnings by Vladimir Putin and Lyndon LaRouche regarding "color revolutions" under democratic garb constituting aggressive warfare, the article states: "For the United States and other Western countries, anything that accords with their interests and accepts their manipulation is democracy, while those that do not fit the norm are not.... Some countries in Western Asia and Northern Africa have fallen into the craze for Western-style democracy, which has led to irretrievable secession and endless domestic struggles instead of happiness and stability. Countries in Western Asia and Northern Africa, Ukraine and Thailand, which have experienced street protests and even armed conflicts, have been led astray to the wrong path of Western-style democracy, that is, 'street politics.'

"In most of the cases, the United States and some Western forces have been involved in the street politics in these countries, either on stage or behind the scenes."

Venezuela Foreign Minister Condemns "Color Revolutions"

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua Denounced 'Color Revolutions' in a May 28 press conference in Moscow, following meetings with his counterpart Sergei Lavrov, RIA-Novosti reported May 29.

"We have analyzed and condemned this entire process of the so-called colored revolutions, directed from abroad, which attempt to destabilize the situation in several countries, and undermine their independence and sovereignty."

Jaua said that Venezuela has been targeted by the same "colored revolution, accompanied by actions of armed groups" responsible for Ukraine's destabilization.

From The Archives: British Empire's "Color Revolution" Coups Target Russia

The following two articles, which appeared in the Jan. 20 and Feb. 3 editions of EIR Online magazine, respectively, provide the essential documentation on the British Empire's spawning of the "color revolution" strategy, which has been implemented by "democracy" thinktanks and other irregular warfare operatives throughout the world. They have been slightly abridged.

Note that the major players in the direct anti-Russia operations described here have also been in the center of the Ukraine operation—notably, British money-bags George Soros, and British-trained National Endowment for Democracy head Nadia Diuk.

LPACTV Video — Democracy 'Projects' Are Not Democratic: The Case of Ukraine & Russia

LaRouchePAC published the following video in February of 2014 on the use of 'colored revolutions' as tools of regime change, as demonstrated in the case of Ukraine. The video details the operation run by Victoria Nuland in Ukraine as merely the latest in a series of "colored revolutions", carried out according the the playbook of Gene Sharp, as a form of warfare to destabilize Russia and the Eurasian bloc.

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