The battle for a fusion energy revolution started many decades ago, but fusion has been a continued target for destruction by the radical environmentalists, with their population reduction, zero growth, and low-energy carbon reduction policies. We've seen this fight from the inside. In 1974, Lyndon LaRouche founded the Fusion Energy Foundation, which led the battle for a fusion revolution and a nuclear renaissance.

Tonight, I'll discuss the advancements currently being made, despite those attacks, including breakthroughs in inertial confinement fusion, pincher fusion, Stellarators and Tokamaks, amidst increased activity by governments and private firms.

it is now time to unleash a full scientific revolution in the interstellar age of nuclear fusion. We can win this long-awaited battle for a nuclear renaissance with President Trump in the White House to finish the job in 2024.

With LaRouchePAC's Kesha Rogers and Michael Steger

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