It's not enough to be against the assault on our economy now being carried out by the Davos/Biden Administration, under their Green New Deal/Great Reset policies. Nor is restarting a pipeline or protecting our coal industry enough.

Until we break completely with the monetarist system of Wall Street and London, and return to Hamilton's system of credit, national banking and productive investment, we will remain under the economic control of the British Empire. At the core of Hamilton's policies was the concept that wealth comes from the "productive powers of labor," not money, raw materials, land or any other physical object. Lyndon LaRouche showed that wealth can therefore only be increased by improving of the "productive powers of labor," through advances in science and technology which are driven by the unique powers of human creative reason.

Bruce Director will conclude his four-part series on LaRouche Economics by focusing on the difference between a system based on money and things, and a system based on human creativity.

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