Brian Lantz takes you back to the early 1970’s as Lyndon LaRouche put his ideas of the anti-entropic development in the universe into practice. LaRouche recruited a movement to combat the economic suicide initiated by Richard Nixon, whose 1971 actions, let the Globalists take control of our nation credit.


LaRouche’s earlier investigations exploded Norbert Wiener’s ideas of an entropic, dying universe of limits to growth; and instead, demonstrated that the process of increasing the productive power of labor through creative discoveries of principle, unique to mankind, is anti-entropic and fundamental to economics.

His deep investigation into this quality of Man’s nature, led him to the work of the great Russian biogeochemist Vladimir Vernadsky— the originator of the idea of a biosphere (the domain of all living systems) and the noosphere (the domain of cognitive transformation of lower-level systems). From this LaRouche developed a conception for measuring development of the economy: potential relative population density with increasing energy flux density.

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