In the next eight days, the first two major contests to secure Donald Trump's next Presidency will have taken place: tonight Iowa, and New Hampshire next Tuesday. It's time to storm the caucuses, the ballot boxes, and the town squares, and let the American voices be heard.

Tell your friends and family to drop the cynicism, foot-dragging, and excuses, because, unlike any time in any of our lives, we can revive our nation's role as a maker of peace and a driver of prosperity!

And it can't come soon enough. The Middle East war is once again expanding into Yemen, and threatening to spread to Iraq and Lebanon. It could easily bring in Iran, as well as India and China, who depend massively on Gulf oil. In other words, a world war is afoot as the Empire looks to burn what they cannot control.

And our economy is in tatters. Our open border is welcoming an invasion. US Senators are now pushing for 5,000 illegals per day with work permits (almost two million per year), to steal even more low paying jobs from Americans and push domestic tensions into hardened factions and chaos. It's time to put the snobs in the pig yards!

As we begin the ascent back to a Republic, nations are revolting around the world. Even German farmers have awakened and are storming Berlin!

The British know it, the dark lords of the EU know it—if the US returns Trump to the White House, the jig is up and globalism be damned!

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