It has not been a good few weeks for the global elite. The recent World Economic Forum meeting in Davos was intended to consolidate their drive for total control, population reduction, and a feudal world order. Instead, participants exuded pessimism and panic. Meanwhile U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen fessed up that she was clueless about inflation. Increasingly, the globalists agenda of hyperinflation, supply shortages, cultural insanity, election fraud, and backing neo-Nazis in Ukraine stands exposed. Their system of war, money, and satanic cults is failing.

In contrast, the Trump movement continues to advance. Elon Musk, on whose shoulders America is returning to space, laughs at the hapless Avatar Joe Biden. Russia responds to the globalists’ regime of sanctions, with an intensified commitment to the scientific advancement of their nation and people.

This resurgence of Nation Builders threatens to revive the ancient tradition of Promethean leadership—the builders of mankind and civilization across the globe. This is the movement we are building. It will require statesmen, philosophers, scientists, industrialists, tradesmen, poets, musicians, artisans, architects, and a devotion to build a future not just for tomorrow, but for the next 2000 years.

This is the true mission of the United States. This is what it means to Make America Great Again!

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