Last Tuesday, the American people spoke loudly, repudiating the Biden presidency and its drive to destroy this country. Several days later, special counsel John Durhman delivered a new indictment, which shows that all elements of the coup carried out against Donald Trump were the result of a massive, manipulated psyops campaign.

President Trump wasted no time. Speaking at Mar-a-Lago, two days after the election, President Trump called for a war on cancel culture, and called for economic boycotts against woke companies. He described the attacks on freedom of speech by the left and their corporate sponsors, as a form of fascism.

But, amidst their losses, the world's oligarchs were meeting in Glasgow, plotting their escalation—a consolidation of finance aimed at choking off credit to the types of scientific and technological advances which alone can propel us out of the present depression.

The new energy permeating our forces must now advance and drive toward a strategy for victory in 2022: an American scientific, industrial, and cultural renaissance. That is what the global elites fear the most. Let's build the forces to realize their worst fears.

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