For much of the last 120 years, Americans have been denied the knowledge of our true economic legacy—the American System of Political Economy. Now, with the globalist system disintegrating before our eyes, as seen in supply breakdowns and shortages, galloping inflation, and a broken workforce, it is more urgent than ever before that the knowledge of the American System be revived, and that it be restored. 

LaRouchePAC has launched that battle with a "Resolution to Re-Americanize the U.S. Economy," which purpose is to recruit a growing movement of citizens to understand and fight for these policies.

Use the resources on this page to reclaim our economic sovereignty.

1. Resolution to Re-Americanize the U.S. Economy

Take the Resolution to candidates, political groups, elected officials, governing bodies, and any other economic, political or social groups and organize them to endorse it. 


2. Background Articles

Will We Now Rescue the U.S. Economy by Re-Americanizing It? by Michael Carr

Smash Globalization! What Are We Protecting, When We Protect Our Industries? by Michael Carr (a look at the first point in the resolution) 

What the Oligarchy Hates About Trump and the United States by Michael Carr (a look at the third point in the resolution)

Finishing What Lincoln Started by Michael Carr (a look at the fourth point in the resolution)

3. Lyndon LaRouche on the American System

Two short videos by Lyndon LaRouche:

"What You Don't Know About the Nation's Founding"


"The Cure is Returning to the American System"


4. Coming soon! A Fact Sheet on the Supply Chain and Transportation Breakdown