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  • Building a Movement to Save Our Republic

    Building a Movement to Save Our Republic

     November 17, 2020 ·  


    On November 2, 2020, President Trump signed an executive order to establish the Advisory 1776 Commission, which, among other responsibilities, will be tasked with creating a curriculum that teaches actual American history in America’s schools. This is not only an antidote to overtly fake histories, such as the New York Times’ 1619 Project, but also to much of what is presently taught or not taught in the nation’s schools.

    LaRouche PAC will be forwarding contributions to that project as well as to the citizenry at large, based on the unique rediscoveries of actual American history in projects shepherded by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. Among LaRouche’s many collaborators in this project were Alan Salisbury, H. Graham Lowry, Anton Chaitkin, and Robert Ingraham, although there were many other authors who produced original discoveries. An intellectual history of the project itself will be forthcoming.

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