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II. The Imperial System Is Dead and Must Be Eliminated

Even the foregoing abbreviated summary of the explosive development process that the BRICS have unleashed on the planet, makes clear the stunning potential this offers for bringing humanity to the highest level of cooperation and development ever achieved. But it is not enough to simply offer and build that option, and hope for the best. The British Empire, whose very existence is threatened by this process and is fighting it to the death, must be eliminated, and the centuries-old oligarchical principle of empire banished from the planet once and for all.

That Empire, with its operational centers in the City of London and Wall Street, has made it clear—much as Milton’s Satan in Paradise Lost—that it prefers to bring down the world, both economically and militarily, rather than tolerate losing control, not simply to another power bloc, but to an entirely different conception of man.

Financial Cancer

Start with the basics of their international financial system. This system, in which mere money, rather than physical wealth, is considered valuable, is reaching a limit to its ability to loot from the physical economy. The result of this is an enormous speculative bubble that is beyond bankrupt, totaling some $2 quadrillion in worthless financial assets that cannot conceivably ever be paid, a hyperinflationary growth of worthless debt that LaRouche originally warned in 1971 would be the inevitable consequence of the dismantling of FDR’s Bretton Woods system.

EIR's Jeff Steinberg discusses first hearing LaRouche's forecast in 1971 that Nixon's floating of the exchange rate would crash the whole global economy and the major inflections points since.

How in the world did we ever allow this to happen? With the end of the fixed exchange-rate Bretton Woods system in 1971, international financial interests unleashed global speculation on national currencies and futures markets, which left a wake of devastation across the Third World, in particular. Then in 1999, these same financial interests induced the United States to jettison FDR’s 1933 Glass-Steagall law, which had strictly separated commercial banks from speculative investment banks. That unleashed rampant speculation in derivatives, which came to represent some 90% of all world financial assets. Between the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall, and the 2008 blowout of the world financial system, total financial instruments soared from about $260 trillion to a staggering $1.4 quadrillion—a five-fold increase in a decade!

That was bad enough. But then, the “solution” put in place by Wall Street and London in 2008 to try to save their system, made everything far, far worse. Hyperinflationary “Quantitative Easing” (QE) was launched, which to date has added about $9 trillion in worthless money to the bubble, in an attempt to bail out the banks. This bail-out accelerated dramatically in 2013 and 2014, raising total world financial aggregates from about $1.5 quadrillion at the end of 2012, to nearly $2 quadrillion today—a 33% jump in only two years.

The hyperinflationary growth of total global financial aggregates over the period 1980-2014, measured in quadrillions of dollars. The vertical lines in 1999 and 2007 mark the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act and the global financial crisis, respectively.

At the same time that they have fed the cancer relentlessly with every imaginable form of bail-out, the British Empire has also used its bail-in fraud, codified in the Dodd-Frank bill in the U.S., to loot the population to the bone, stealing everything—from people’s bank accounts, to their pensions, to their insurance, to their very livelihood. In Europe, youth unemployment has soared across the Eurozone, hitting over 60% in Greece and Spain.

The United States is no better: more than half of the states have real youth unemployment rates exceeding 30%. On Obama’s watch, the number of Americans below the official poverty line rose from 37 million to 48 million. The southwest portion of the country is suffering such devastating drought—aggravated by decades of neglect to build new infrastructure as well as the destruction of that which had already existed—that it is dying from lack of water.

In short, we are in the final phase of a general breakdown crisis of the economic system as a whole in which we are facing the simultaneous explosion of fictitious speculative financial values, while the actual physical economy, on which the lives of the population depends, has been intentionally shattered. Lyndon LaRouche’s “Triple Curve Typical Collapse Function” is the best representation of the deadly process now underway—and why it cannot continue.

An updated version of a heuristic graphic first developed by LaRouche in 1996 to
demonstrate the inevitability of the collapse of the speculative financial system.

The physical economy has been so decimated, that one would almost think that it is the result of an intentional policy of the British Empire to kill people off— which in fact it is. The stated policy of the British Queen, her consort Prince Philip, and their imperial spokesmen, is to rapidly reduce the population of the planet from some seven billion human beings today, down to one billion or less. Prince Philip himself has stated this policy unequivocally, when he bragged:

In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.
Prince Philip

Compare that bestial, genocidal outlook, with the optimism and love for mankind emanating from the BRICS, as was stated succinctly by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his September 28, 2014 speech before a crowd of over 20,000 assembled in New York City’s Madison Square Garden:

Youth with competence and capabilities can make their own future. We do not have to look back. There is no reason for pessimism… We have a combination of things that no other nation has, and with this comes responsibility... 1.2 billion people is a blessing from God. People are the face of God.

PM visits Indian Embassy, pays tribute to Mahatma Gandhi in Washington. Photo credit: Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Modi then posed a challenge to not only the people of India, but the entire world:

“Let us make development a mass movement.”

Thermonuclear World War III

Map depicting the encirclement of Russia and China through advanced placement of troops and military hardware on their borders.

Rather than see humanity dominated by the outlook, policies, and economic system expressed by Prime Minister Modi and the BRICS, the British Empire and its allies within Europe and the United States have launched a series of so-called “color revolutions” and other forms of unlawful regime change against any country that dares to jump from the sinking trans-Atlantic financial Titanic, acting to create the conditions of chaos and warfare under which they believe they can maintain global political control. Moreover, they are fully prepared to launch open war against Russia and China in particular, which, in this day and age, can only mean global thermonuclear war, threatening the extinction of the human race.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche has hosted a series of conference in the United States and in Europe called, "A New Paradigm for the Survival of Civilization," focusing on lifting the transatlantic out of the deadly British-oriented economic and foreign policy of divide and conquer.

As the founder of the Schiller Institute Helga Zepp-LaRouche wrote recently:

The danger of an intentional—or even an accidental—thermonuclear world war has grown dramatically. The attempt, fed by geopolitical motives, to associate Ukraine with the EU, and thus bring it, de facto, into the NATO sphere of influence, has triggered a series of escalating confrontations, which, in the worst case, could end in the extinction of the human race. But in addition, nearly the entire Near and Middle East is burning; set off by wars built on lies, against so-called rogue states, the seeds of violence were sown that have called to life a million-headed hydra, which not only has leveled the Cradle of Civilization to the ground and created there a Hell on Earth, but also has become an existential threat to the West… There are also geostrategic conflicts breeding in the Pacific, which have the potential to set loose regional wars and beyond.

Time is rapidly running out for the United States to join with the BRICS to put a final end to the British Empire, before that empire succeeds in wiping out the entire human species through economic devastation and global thermonuclear war.

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