Don't scream about world war if you didn't have the guts to back Donald Trump in 2020. Being anti-war is meaningless, unless you are supporting him now, and building a movement to end the globalist nightmares and lay the basis for peace. That means defining a viable solution to this global breakdown now, in early 2023.

Our economy is at a breaking point. Americans and corporations are overwhelmed with debt. Many big companies are zombies unable to pay even their debt service. Plus, our country's annual debt service is already $1 trillion—more than our defense budget.

And despite that enormous defense budget, we could never win a war with Russia or China. That's a beltway fantasy. Our industrial base has been destroyed, so all the British-controlled D.C. neocons and neo-libs can do is support terrorists, whether in Libya, Syria, Ukraine or against Nordstream.

Don't wait until 2024. The proverbial wait and see of the clever person, is a shortcut to hell, and it's already getting pretty hot.

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