Tony Papert

Tony is honored to have been committed to Lyndon LaRouche and his ideas ever since the mid-1960s. Much later, LaRouche appointed him an editor of Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) magazine, which Papert co-edited for some years in the second and third decades of this century while it still reflected LaRouche's thinking. During roughly the same period, he was generally the only person whom LaRouche permitted to edit his writings. Otherwise, Papert's work has featured attention to the Ancient Greek, and to some degree, to ancient history more broadly. 

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As we get the political power to do it, we’re going to revolutionize all of education in the United States, beginning with K-12 education. Once we work out some of the kinks, we’ll be able, using Lyndon LaRouche’s methods, to graduate students from the 12th grade who have a much better education, all around the spectrum, than four-year college graduates get today.  Not simply quantitatively better, but qualitatively superior, “in a whole different league.”

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published What Do We Do About Our Horrible Schools? in Read 2021-03-13 09:42:51 -0500

The post below presents the problem which preoccupies parents throughout the United States. The schools, public and private, are committing a form of menticide on America’s children, whether it be through Critical Race Theory or a curriculum so dumbed down and based on drill-and-grill that all human creative potential is extinguished. There is a great hue and cry about public versus private, but no one is focused on what must be taught to fulfil our human nature as creative human beings participating in divine creation. We will start a new class series on this topic on Saturday, March 20th. Consider this post your invitation to attend. Please circulate to your friends.

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