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Barbara Boyd

Barbara Boyd is the author of Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Assassin, He Will Do His Job if you Let Him, demonstrating that the British instigated prosecution of Lyndon LaRouche, led by Mueller set the stage for the coup against Donald Trump. She is the author of numerous articles exposing the perfidies of the U.S. intelligence establishment and the population control methods of the British Empire. She was the principal paralegal assisting lawyers in the LaRouche prosecutions and related attacks on Lyndon LaRouche and worked closely with Mr. LaRouche and his youth movement in the operation and direction of LaRouchePAC.

Michael Carr

For over 40 years, Michael James Carr has been working on LaRouche’s campaign to develop science and technology throughout the world. He grew up in the City of St. Louis at the time of the building of the Gateway Arch and the development of NASA’s Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. Through study and many trips across the nation, he saw that the history of American invention, engineering, and production processes showed a pathway towards an optimistic future. During the same time, the Apollo Project, nuclear power, and other engineering endeavors were coming under massive un-American, pessimistic, political, and cultural assault. Mike decided that instead of pursuing aerospace engineering, he would become involved in politics in order to straighten things out. While attending George Washington University, he quickly became aware of the disregard for truth and unseemly pessimistic admiration for the British Empire, on the part of the “experts,” officials, and politicos. It was at that time that he met the genius Lyndon LaRouche and his optimistic American approach to every issue. Through the subsequent years, Mike has introduced LaRouche’s ideas to millions of people, through person to person discussions, running for office, writing articles on political economy, space and fusion technologies, and republishing many of LaRouche's books and articles for wide distribution. You can contact Mike at [email protected].

Alicia Cerretani

Alicia started organizing with LaRouchePAC in 2004 during their fight to stop the W. Bush administration's privatization of Social Security. Her first three years with LPAC were spent organizing city and state elected officials in WA, OR, and CA to pass LaRouche's solution to the 2007-08 housing bubble, the Home Owners and Bank Protection Act. From there, Alicia was asked to join the LaRouchePAC webteam in Purcellville, VA, contributing to video productions, website design, live productions, and social media. She has also headed up numerous deployments into Washington, D.C., including LaRouchePAC's fight to restore FDR's Glass-Steagall Act, which included high visibility rallies outside the capitol building, and one-on-one meetings with members of Congress and their staff. 

Benjamin Deniston

Ben started working with LaRouchePAC in 2005, and joined Lyndon LaRouche's scientific research team (the "Basement") in 2010, focusing on understanding key breakthroughs in the history of science (from original source material) with the aim of applying new insights to frontier areas of science. The objective is to break from the reductionist philosophical views that have come to dominate science. Currently Ben's primary focus is the science of physical economy, but he also tries to keep up with frontier studies of galactic systems, the negentropic evolution of life on Earth, and whatever other side projects which he finds fascinating. You can contact him at, [email protected].

Bruce Director

Bruce Director, author, scientist, musician, philosopher. Bruce has been associated with Lyndon LaRouche for nearly a half century. He was an organizer in each of LaRouche’s eight Presidential campaigns and served as a paralegal helping to defend LaRouche and his associates from political persecution. He is the author of the pedagogical series on scientific method, Riemann for Anti-Dummies and other essays on science, music and politics. Bruce has done ground-breaking work on scientific method, developing a general theory of irreversible anti-entropy for which he coined the term dynatropy. A classical double bass player, Bruce has performed works of classical composers in orchestras and smaller ensembles.

Robert Ingraham

Robert Ingraham is an author, historian and political organizer who worked with Lyndon LaRouche for more than 40 years. He is the author of The Modern Anglo-Dutch Empire; A New Birth of Freedom; and Hidden in Plain Sight, and he has written extensively on the history of the United States and America's mission to eradicate empire and oligarchical rule. He currently resides in Oakland, CA with his wife Andrea.

Susan Kokinda

Susan Kokinda coordinates LaRouchePAC's work in the Midwest, having returned to her Michigan roots as a child of the "Arsenal of Democracy (her parents met building bombers at Willow Run in WWII)." She joined the early LaRouche movement on August 16, 1971, the day after Richard Nixon ended the Bretton Woods monetary system, recognizing that Lyndon LaRouche had been alone in forecasting that crisis and its consequences. She has worn many hats in the LaRouche movement, including White House correspondent, Capitol Hill liaison, author and researcher. Her main focus for the last 10 years has been organizing the "forgotten men and women" of the industrial heartland.

Brian Lantz

Brian Lantz currently leads the LaRouchePAC’s Political Economy Intelligence Task Force. We invite your participation! He is a frequent contributor to LPAC’s website and produces research papers applying Lyndon LaRouche’s science of political economy. Brian writes on advancing labor power, science driver programs, critical infrastructure and advanced manufacturing as well as family formation and education. A focus is the promotion of a Space CCC program, to rapidly advance an expanding, productive and well paid workforce. Brian is a founding organizer of LaRouchePAC. 

Lyndon LaRouche

Genius. Founder. One of America's great statesmen. See Who is Lyndon LaRouche? and About LaRouchePAC

Ian Overton

Ian Overton has been a collaborator with Lyndon LaRouche since 2004, when he joined the LaRouche Youth Movement. He has organized and campaigned in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, Washington DC, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York. He lives in Houston, TX with his wife Kesha Rogers, who also a prominent figure on this website.

Tony Papert

Tony is honored to have been committed to Lyndon LaRouche and his ideas ever since the mid-1960s. Much later, LaRouche appointed him an editor of Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) magazine, which Papert co-edited for some years in the second and third decades of this century while it still reflected LaRouche's thinking. During roughly the same period, he was generally the only person whom LaRouche permitted to edit his writings. Otherwise, Papert's work has featured attention to the Ancient Greek, and to some degree, to ancient history more broadly. 

Kesha Rogers

Kesha Rogers began working with Lyndon LaRouche in 2003. Kesha is a former candidate for the US. House of Representative and Senate and two time nominee for the House of Representatives. Kesha ran her campaigns in the tradition of Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon LaRouche, against the Wall Street Democrats. She made international headlines with her campaign to "Save NASA and Impeach Obama." Kesha is a former member of the LaRouche Policy Committee and continues to coordinate LaRouchePAC's work in Texas. Kesha is an avid supporter of NASA and space exploration. She has written numerous articles and conducted interviews in support of NASA and the Artemis Program initiated under President Trump and the Moon-Mars mission of Lyndon LaRouche. She works with LaRouchePAC to promote policies for science, technology, classical arts, culture, and economic development. You can contact her at [email protected]

Michael Steger

Michael began working with Lyndon LaRouche in 2002, shortly after the 9-11 attacks exposed a deep crisis confronting the United States. This crisis was defined by both a breakdown of national security which lead to a policy of endless wars, and an accelerated collapse of our nation's productive manufacturing and industrial base. Over the last twenty years Michael has dedicated his efforts to solve these problems at their core, and restore that Lincoln quality of productive and creative culture to the United States. His work focuses on the scientific method of strategic forecasting developed by Lyndon LaRouche, and a restoration of the Hamiltonian Constitutional system. You can contact him at [email protected].