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published Fight Lies with Classical Poetry, Not "Facts" in Watch 2022-01-09 09:25:44 -0500

The onslaught of lies about virtually everything, emanating from the media, politicians and the establishment’s so-called experts, has become so pervasive that it often appears overwhelming. In frustration, American patriots have turned to “alternative” sources to “get the facts” only to be further frustrated that presenting these facts has no effect on diffusing or countering these lies, or even providing a pathway to finding out the truth.

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published The Mask of Anarchy, Today in Watch 2021-08-21 16:32:10 -0400

Kesha Rogers has a discussion with author and long time LaRouche associate, Dan Leach concerning the relevance of Percy Bysshe Shelley's famous political poem, 'The Masque of Anarchy' for today's crisis in America. It's exhortation to the people of England of his time to stand firm in the face of oppression, relying on the innate nobility of the human spirit the righteousness of their cause and the knowledge that evil will destroy itself, is a message well worth hearing for the patriots of today's America.