We’re being told to “follow the science” on Covid, but the orders from Tony Fauci and other authorities change one hundred eighty degrees from one day to the next. What is science? Do our citizens know what it is? Our schools teach them that science is nothing but a sackful of mathematical formulas, plus the new “Green” religion of “Climate Change.” Is that true?

Lies about COVID “science” were obviously a potent factor in throwing President Trump out of office through a rigged election. More generally, government is only free to act for the “general welfare,” as our Constitution prescribes, if citizens are educated to understand the basic premises of national policy, as in science. In this our schools are failing miserably. We propose to correct it. The first question is not whether schools are public, charter, private, parochial, or “home schooling.” Rather, the first question is what is taught and how. Join us tonight to find out.

In this class, and in subsequent weeks, Tony Papert will present LaRouche's ideas and curriculum, and will challenge parents, and, indeed, all Americans, to take up this fight for the future. In concluding classes on music and geometry, we will put those principles into action.

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