On January 26th, Donald Trump tweeted:  “FIRST COME THE TANKS, THEN COME THE NUKES. Get this crazy war ended, NOW. So easy to do!”

Once again, President Trump proved that he is not a Bushie; that the reason Americans love him resides in this simple fact and his determination to seek and speak the truth, along with his determination to create an economy which lifts all boats through frontier scientific and technological progress.  That is, the sovereign American way of doing things.

We have defined “Bushies” in the initial posts in this series, as controlled “politicians of either the Democratic or Republican Party who advocate endless foreign wars; an American Empire and other oligarchical schemes on behalf of the modern British financial empire; free trade and outsourcing of the American economy; permanent psychological warfare and censorship regimes targeting the general population; and generalized scientific and cultural decadence.”

Mike Pompeo, the Bushie who wants to challenge Trump for President based on Bushie British imperial and forever-war policies, lisped in response to the Biden Bushie escalation in Ukraine that we must give the Nazi and corruption-soaked government of Ukraine anything it asks for, anything it needs.  While Ron DeSantis has made his claim to fame by opposing Bushie “wokeness,” that is an old Bushie trick.  It involves exploiting hot social wedge issues, while otherwise giving Wall Street and the City of London free reign to loot and pillage the economy.  DeSantis’ prior expressed views on war and peace echo his long and enduring love affair with the Bushie, John Bolton.

Every single one of the putative candidates against Donald Trump in 2024 are products of the Bush political family and machine which should have been dispatched in 2016.  We will, through this new series and campaign, proceed to prove this to the American people. We have already begun this campaign with respect to DeSantis. Now that Bush monstrosity which we thought had been vanquished is staging a billionaire-cash sustained comeback in an even more virulent form.   If you liked forever wars, you’ll certainly like the nuclear one they seem bent on provoking concerning NATO versus Russia.

We’ve all heard the legend lines of the now thick Bushie black ops against Donald Trump.  Our friends tell us that their friends have become stupefied by this thick propaganda, despite the fact that Donald Trump remains the candidate of choice for the majority of American citizens.  “Trump can’t win, he is too radioactive,” is a line with variations repeated endlessly in the media every day.  “Trump backed the vaccines and is, therefore criminal.”  “Trump will be too old, it’s time for a younger candidate.” (This is the favored line of such died-in-the-wool Bushies as Nikki Haley, although DeSantis also seeks to benefit from it.) Or they say, maybe more truthfully, “I’m just tired of the fight.  I’m scared, they’re too big, and maybe God will find someone who can make them stop.”

Our plan is to expose it for what it is, a full-on Bushie plot to take the country back just as MAGA is coming into full bloom, and at a time when they have otherwise deployed maximum fear-inducing police state measures against Donald Trump and his supporters.  You see, they are desperate, and can only win if we let them have a pass.  We will expose every single aspect of their plot to stupefy the population while we educate and rally behind an economic plan, based on the American System and Lyndon LaRouche, which will not only right this sinking ship, but ignite the economic and cultural renaissance which Donald Trump began.  Will you join us in this?  Please leave your name, phone number, and other contact information below.