On December 3, 2009, in the midst of the last financial collapse, Lyndon LaRouche provided a tour of American history centering on the philosophical foundations of our Republic.  Take the time this 4th to listen to and discuss this clip.  It’s a true history you have never heard before. You can find the full webcast clip here. 

LaRouche located America’s unique founding, celebrated in the July 4th commemoration of the Declaration of Independence, in a bold mission to escape the rule of financial oligarchy in Europe.  Our pilgrims were to bring with them the best ideas of western culture which had foundered in Europe’s corrupt and devolving oligarchical and slave-trading cultures.  The history of our Republic has been a constant battle against those forces as they have endeavored to crush any true practice of the American founders’ revolutionary economic and political ideas.

With the assassination of John F. Kennedy, LaRouche notes, we entered an age of unrestricted forever warfare which allows the continuing rule of the oligarchy and the ruin of the world.  LaRouche proposes that peace can be found only by overthrowing that system and engaging Russia, China, and India, utilizing the best of their own unique sovereign cultures as instruments, in a great mission to explore space. We will utilize the scientific and technological discoveries from that mission to finally go forth, multiply, and subdue the earth, ending the scourge of hunger, poverty, and disease.  The key to this mission is the mobilization, protection, and fostering of the God-given divine creativity unique to every human being, the divine gift which makes us human.

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