• It’s Time to Learn Real American Economics Part 4

    It’s Time to Learn Real American Economics Part 4

     November 23, 2021 ·   · 1 reaction

    Part 4 — Hayek and Keynes: Two Peas in a Pod

    “Come One. Come All. It’s the ‘Thrilla in Manilla’. It’s the great Ali vs. Frazier rivalry. Get your tickets today!”

    This is how the imaginary rivalry between Friedrich Hayek and John Maynard Keynes has been popularized,—sort of as a Battle of the Titans, only now in the economic arena. But unlike the real Ali and Frazier, who bloodied each other unmercifully, this is a delusory myth designed for the credulous. The only blood that will be spilt will come from the victims of British imperial economics.

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  • How to Create an American Renaissance, Part 2

    How to Create an American Renaissance, Part 2

     November 22, 2021 ·   · 4 reactions

    In this second of a two part class series on creativity, Ian Overton continues his conversation with Bruce Director. They will explore the difference between today’s “follow the science” which is used as a form of social control, versus actual science which is a method for people to discover the beautiful, yet unseen, laws of nature, and to build a society with not-arbitrary laws and inspire leaders who reflect that same quality.

  • Waukesha Massacre; Flash Mob Looting: Joe, Kamala, Tony, These Are On You

    Waukesha Massacre; Flash Mob Looting: Joe, Kamala, Tony, These Are On You

     November 22, 2021 ·   · 2 reactions

    On Sunday, November 21st, a red Ford Explorer plowed at a high rate of speed through the Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The attacker came from behind, so the parade participants did not even have a chance to react. Five parade participants died almost instantly, four right there in the street. As of this writing, 10 children are in Childrens' Wisconsin Hospital ICU, 6 in critical condition. Despite the attacker being almost immediately taken into custody, he was only referred to as a “person of interest” throughout the evening and early hours of this morning. As detailed below, small wonder why. In the San Francisco Bay area, over the weekend, three flash mobs conducted their Christmas shopping by totally looting, in broad daylight, high end luxury stores. Meantime, in that old consistent dependable, 9 people were murdered in weekend violence in Chicago with another 47 wounded.

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  • Build Back Better Tries Using NASA as a Carbon Snitch

    Build Back Better Tries Using NASA as a Carbon Snitch

     November 22, 2021 ·   · 1 reaction

    Following her recently published article, "Treason in High Places: Build Back Better Will Destroy NASA", Kesha issues the following update, taking the gloves off on the Biden administration's fascist agenda, further identifying the outright sabotage being ran against NASA's Human Lunar Landing Mission, and Artemis program outlined under President Trump, and the Biden administration's push to turn the agency into an extension of the global surveillance state, and carry out the agenda of the COP26, radical environmentalist, build back better, green new deal dictates. She also exposes the fraud of the recently released 73 page NASA OIG report, which targets the timeline of the Artemis lunar landing missions, as technically unfeasible. Kesha presents the solutions to this threat in the context of the need for a renewed national mission to push the frontiers of science and exploration, and a economic development plan, as was earlier outlined in the programs of Lyndon LaRouche in his Mars Colonization program.

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  • It’s Time to Learn Real American Economics Part 3

    It’s Time to Learn Real American Economics Part 3

     November 22, 2021 ·   · 1 reaction

    Part 3 — Hayek’s Constitution of Liberty:  The Worship of Oligarchical Culture

    In this installment of the Hillsdale/Hayek series, my intention was to report on Hayek’s magnum opus, The Constitution of Liberty. I must begin, however, by claiming that I, Robert Ingraham, deserve some form of literary Purple Heart for having subjected myself to such a mind-damaging experience. The book is excruciatingly boring, shallow, and repetitive beyond belief. Written fifteen years after the Road to Serfdom, the Constitution contains nothing new whatsoever; only the same catchphrases and slogans, but now drawn out to an interminable 571 pages.

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  • What the Oligarchy Hates about Trump and the USA

    What the Oligarchy Hates about Trump and the USA

     November 20, 2021 ·   · 2 reactions

    Those bloody Damn Americans do not know their place!”

    Damn right! We are stubbornly optimistic and refuse to be chained to the deck of a sinking ship. America is built and will continue to be built on revolutionary improvements of many types. From John Winthrop the Younger’s 1640s organization of New England iron production using the most advanced technologies of the time, onward through the building of canals, railroads, electrification, water purification, flight, and spaceflight and so on, our lives have been pulled radically upward via deliberate, intentional leapfrogging to higher platforms of development. As we lay out in the third point of the LaRouche PAC Resolution to Re-Americanize the Economy, by pushing the frontiers of science and technology, led by fusion and space technologies, our creative (especially young) people are about to lift us up to the fantastic new level forecast by Lyndon LaRouche. Let’s delve into this.

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  • Rittenhouse Not Guilty: We Still Have a Republic

    Rittenhouse Not Guilty: We Still Have a Republic

     November 19, 2021 ·   · 3 reactions

    Kyle Rittenhouse, defamed as a white supremacist and a vigilante by the President of the United States, was found not guilty on all five counts of the indictment against him stemming from the riots which occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August of 2020. The jury, not sequestered, followed and photographed by the news media, and threatened on social media, demonstrated the serene courage involved in following principle, not the fear engendered by the mob and the current mainstream media. Some years from now, if our Republic continues to survive, we will reward this act of courage by these 12 men and women who have righted our ship of state, at least temporarily. Some years from now, if we continue to fight, we will recognize this moment as a turning point. It is a moment of recognition, like the recognition of the tattered but still flying flag over Ft. McHenry in the war of 1812 which is the subject of the Star Spangled Banner.

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  • The Criminal Insanity of Carbon Capture and Storage

    The Criminal Insanity of Carbon Capture and Storage

     November 18, 2021 ·   · 3 reactions

    In the recently passed $1.2 trillion U.S. Infrastructure and Innovation Jobs Act, a most insane idea is being funded to the tune of $10 billion. That funds development of an unproven technology which takes an essential element of life, CO2, out of the atmosphere and stores it at huge expense. This is so flat out crazy that one is reminded of Jonathan Swift’s account of Gulliver’s travels to the grand academy of Legado in Balnibarbi, where sunbeams are collected from cucumbers and stored in vials. Driven by the insane “net zero” CO2 emissions by 2050 effort with increasing penalties being imposed on all economic activity involving CO2 emissions, “carbon capture” has become the means by which fossil fuel companies can continue to function and through which an entire new financial swindle can mint millionaires based on the massive amounts of government and corporate funding devoted to it. Obviously, physically, nothing is produced. In fact, this insanity will take thousands of acres of fertile farmland out of production.

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  • It’s Time to Learn Real American Economics Part 2

    It’s Time to Learn Real American Economics Part 2

     November 17, 2021 ·   · 1 reaction

    Part 2 — The Road to Serfdom:  Hayek—the Imperial Sophist

    The first thing to understand about the “Austrian School” is that it doesn’t exist. What Hayek, von Mises and others put forward is not Austrian at all; it is imperial British Economics, specifically the economics of the 19th century British Empire.


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  • We Will Overthrow This Regime ... Then What?

    We Will Overthrow This Regime ... Then What?

     November 16, 2021 ·   · 2 reactions

    The American Revolution against the globalist British Empire was successful and enduring because a leading cadre of Patriots knew the answer to that question. As this systemic crisis becomes more profound, the solutions are also becoming more apparent—if you know where to look. We will define the crisis, and its underlying cause—and then lay out clear steps to establish a new American Constitutional government, one of, by, and for the people.