Afghanistan and California: Beginning of the End for Empire?

 August 31, 2021 ·  

Understanding what just happened in Afghanistan requires situating events in the longer dynamic of recent and past history. It is only then that you can identify your true enemies and escape the emotionally charged sucker narratives promulgated by the Washington Uniparty to justify its continued existence. The sucker narratives include the bellowing of RINOs and neo-cons, who are demanding a continuation of the perpetual wars which Donald Trump opposed.

There is an opportunity to totally reshape the future, presented in California over the recall of Gov. Newsom. The revolt of the population of a blue state reflects a profound political realignment which must be shaped by American System policies.

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    • Joan K Dever
      followed this page 2021-09-05 13:45:01 -0400
    • Solomon Pena
      commented 2021-09-01 12:01:36 -0400
      I watched the video and read the Bruce Director piece and the R. Ingraham piece. I am with you Saints. I’d like to add to Ingrahams’ article the injustice of G. Newsom giving medical and other aid to illegal aliens over our own military veterans. This is despicable. As for Bruce Director, I cannot express with text how much I agree with his article. We have to get Trump back in office so he can continue to defeat the British-Imperial globalist agenda. I have much respect for the National sovereignty of the nations of the world, but I am not Argentine or Slovakian or Mexican. I am an American. I was born here, this is my land.
    • Claire Reiss
      followed this page 2021-09-01 09:16:09 -0400
    • Barbara Boyd
      published this page in Shows and Events 2021-08-31 16:40:18 -0400