In a document written many decades ago, entitled "Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elite," Lyndon LaRouche said that the imperial enemies of mankind and of our Republic have maintained an understanding of the fundamental prinicples which underlie the conflict between oligarchism and republicanism. But they have succeeded in burying or obscuring that knowledge on our side.

This class series will bring that knowledge back to light.

July 9, 2022 — Rediscovering the Soul of America, presented by Robert Ingraham and Bruce Director

We are unique among nations. Many Americans understand this, almost instinctively. But what is it that truly makes our Republic unique?

That deeper knowledge has been stripped away from us and has been buried. In its place, the imperial elites have planted the dangerous and criminal notion that the American Republic is based on British liberal philosophers like John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, and Adam Smith—all of whom derive their image of man and their concept of government from Aristotle. NOTHING could be further from the truth.

Here are references used during the class:

1. Works by Benjamin Franklin:

Articles of Belief and Acts of Religion, 1728

On the Privdence of God in the Government of the World, 1732

2. Alexander Hamilton, Report on Manufacturing, readily available on-line

3. Robert Ingraham author page on Amazon, included recently published, National Banking


July 16, 2022 — The Edgar Allan Poe They Don't Want You to Know, presented by Daniel Leach and Tony Papert, Class #1

His name is well-known, but not his lifelong battle against against the cultural warfare waged by the European oligarchy against the young republic. Was Poe a secret agent of an intelligence network headed by LaFayette? Was he murdered, as many have long believed? And why did his enemies go to such extremes to slander and vilify him?

Poe was a threat because he understood and taught, through his stories, that to control people’s behavior, you control not so much what they think, but HOW they think. We will look briefly into some of his stories, and explore what they might mean for us today.


July 23, 2022 — Poe: Another American Genius Hated by the Empire, presented by Daniel Leach and Tony Papert, Class #2

Our enemies have adopted two approaches to obscuring the profound ideas which created and shaped the American Republic. They either write out of history those individuals whose ideas were vital to our founding, or they belittle or slander them, as they have done with geniuses like Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and James Fenimore Cooper. 

Edgar Allan Poe falls in that latter category. In this week's class, they will examine Poe's poetry and what he himself had to say on the subject. For background here is a link to Poe's essay, "The Poetic Principle."


July 30, 2022 — The America You Don't Yet Know, presented by Charles Park

We began our series on "Rediscovering the Soul of America," with a discussion that attacked the dangerous notion, peddled by Mark Levin, among others, that John Locke and Adam Smith were the intellectual "rockstars" that shaped the thinking of our forefathers.

In this installment, Charles Park reveals the real "rockstars." Benjamin Franklin mentor, James Logan, was instrumental in defending and promoting Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, whose philosophy shaped the fundamental concepts underlying our founding documents (and the philosopher who most influenced Lyndon LaRouche).



Park's recent article on James Logan

The Anti-Newtonian Roots of the American Revolution, by Philip Valenti (PDF version)

James Logan's Translation of Cicero's Cato Major




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