Botched 9/11 Repeat—This Time Targeting the First Amendment—Don’t Be Fooled

January 9, 2021
President Trump speaking with members of the press, September 2020. Photo: White House Flickr

by Barbara Boyd

Right now, the Democratic Party is a self-declared bunch of rich, fat, entitled fascists and there is a dawning realization throughout the land about just how right Lyndon LaRouche was when he put a certain moustache on Barack Hussein Obama.

Even as they rush headlong to ban non-approved speech and prosecute thought crimes, and to attempt to impeach Donald Trump in order to prevent him from running for President again, his approval rating has held steady according to Rasmussen. And their failure to recognize just how weak they are means they are walking into a trap, provided we keep our heads. After all, all they really have is the media’s shock and awe. It is the working and middle classes who keep this tattered economy up and running and over 75 million of them voted for Donald Trump, don’t believe that Joe Biden is a legitimate president, know that the events at the Capitol on January 6 were a setup, and are not going anywhere.

As Silicon Valley moved Friday to ban the President permanently from all current social media platforms, and de-platformed Parler, the conservative free speech alternative to Twitter, the dumb ass Avatar illegitimate President elect spit out his teleprompter script, declaring Trump supporters, en masse, to be “domestic terrorists,” compared Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to Joseph Goebbels, and said the Capitol police were racist in their response to the events at the Capitol on January 6. The addled Avatar seemed to have momentarily forgotten his message of condolences to the family of Officer Brian Sicknick, who died defending the Congress.

This is all designed to scare you or provoke you into violence based on your fears. Since the sole uniting principle of the fascist Democrats is hatred of Donald Trump, and the RINO Republicans are joined at the hip to the same Wall Street/City of London failing financial enterprise, they are compelled to keep it up lest they fall entirely apart, an event which is coming very soon.

That said, here are some urgent pointers and perspectives in the immediate term, the interim, before that happens:

(1). Continue to demand (not plead) that your Congressmen and Senators keep their, “Hands Off Donald Trump.“ You are not coming to them as an underling, a supplicant. You hold the power here and they are afraid of you. Calmly and serenely tell them that any action against Trump is absolutely unacceptable, they need to get a grip on reality, they need to act for the actual future of the country while the other side seeks to provoke a Civil War, like the one the British Empire worked in their last attempt to cancel the United States.

(2). Understand that anyone urging violence including violence at the inauguration is either a controlled asset of the intelligence community or a fool who will discredit the political movement to take the country back. Coming to Washington to “protest’ the inauguration of the Avatar will be, at this point, walking into a complete prepared trap. The President ain’t giving him the honor of his presence, why should you? Have you figured out yet that Q is an intelligence agency psyop based in the type of magical thinking that will get you killed and lose the nation? If not, you really aren’t qualified to participate in what is currently hitting us. The enemy has your number.

(3). Unplugging from the internet, the primary platform for the psychological warfare operation on your mind, for the short time it will take to build new, uncensored platforms, hopefully operating on a moral and scientific basis in a search for truth, will be a tremendous benefit to your mental health. Read Franklin. Read Hamilton. Read Lincoln. Read LaRouche. Read Franklin Roosevelt. Train your mind to separate fact from pure emotional fiction and you will be prepared for the fight we are now engaged in.

(4). The primary battleground right now is the economy along with the social isolation that the lockdowns and modern society have imposed on many. The British imperial forces currently occupy our country. Their system is what you probably learned in school, not the American System of Hamilton, Lincoln, Roosevelt and LaRouche. Talk politics with everyone that you meet, not just with those who you think agree with you. Organize them. Challenge them. What’s your plan for running the economy? What’s your plan for educating our children so that we can successfully colonize the Moon and Mars and develop both our country and the world on a higher infrastructure platform? What’s your plan for developing again a classical culture in the United States, where Beethoven, Shakespeare, and Shelly are common modes of thought and speech?

The would be fascists have no ideas which will result in a sustainable economic recovery and, shortly, the chickens will come home to roost as the result of the continued COVID shutdowns. Recognize that they are both incompetent and stupid, however arrogantly they strut. The present hollowed out and miserable situation in our nation is the result of their incompetent and stupid decisions and it is difficult to find anything they have gotten right since their last putsch on September 11, 2001. If Donald Trump failed at times, it was the result of this incompetent elite and the continued subservience of the population to them.

Lyndon LaRouche has provided the tools to work our way out of this and LaRouche PAC has launched an offensive now to train people in LaRouche’s economics, the economics of the American system. Are you ready to run the economy, run for office, and competently manage the nation? When and if it becomes necessary for the working and middle classes to show their strength in a General Strike or similar tack, it must be based on principled economic ideas and demands. The fact that they have no idea how an actual economy works is their weakest flank.

As Lyndon LaRouche always ended just such presentations of perspective, Above all, have fun!

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