LEAFLET: Win the 2nd American Revolution with President Trump, Americans Will Not Give Up Our Freedom

January 4, 2021
Million MAGA March, November 2020, Washington, D.C.

The United States of America was the only nation ever created for the unique, specific purpose of liberty. Not only did we extend freedom to our own citizens and all their descendants. Not only did we offer ourselves as a refuge to those fleeing tyranny anywhere. We also set all of world history onto an entirely new track from the first moment of our founding, because the very existence of the United States was living proof that there is an alternative to the slave and serf systems, which had always ruled and ruined the human species throughout its history.

As a result, even before 1776, we Americans earned the undying hatred of a ruthless and powerful enemy—the European oligarchy. This included the great feudal landowners, joined (and then overshadowed) by the international financier class, along with the royal and aristocratic families intertwined with both. Since the1700s, the oligarchy has been gathered together under the Anglo-Dutch Liberal System, headed by Britain’s royal family which traces its lineage back to Babylon. And from Babylon forward, the oligarchy has viewed the great majority of us, not as human beings, but rather as talking beasts—to be owned, bred, herded, used, and culled for their benefit.

This is not ancient history. What else did Hillary Clinton mean in 2016, when she demeaned our productive workers, farmers and middle class as “deplorables"?

Since 1776-81, we have seen periods of progress and also periods of oligarchical regression. But the decades since Franklin Roosevelt’s untimely death in 1945—with the exception of the aborted administration of John Kennedy—and especially the years since 1971, have been an accelerating downward plunge, back into the conditions against which we fought our Revolution. Especially since 2000, under George W. Bush and Obama, we have closed down our remaining industries and our science, degraded our culture, and deprived our citizens of our Constitution’s most basic freedom: to contribute to the Common Good through scientific-technical progress, with its expressions in industry and agriculture, and through the progress of culture. We have sent our youth to die, year after year, in senseless wars.

Our founder, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., (1922-2019) accurately forecast these developments beginning in the 1950s, and explained exactly how they should have been prevented and reversed. He was framed up and unjustly imprisoned for five years for his pains, but his ideas found deep resonance in the American people. LaRouche’s work has played a major role in the Trump revolution, which would have been impossible without him. Now we are called to employ LaRouche’s ideas to guide us to victory.

When he campaigned for and won the Presidency in 2016, against all the expectations of the rotten “elite” of both parties which has ruled and ruined us, President Trump began the launching of a Second American Revolution to restore us to our proper purposes. Now that same “elite” imagines that it can deprive President Trump of the overwhelming victory he actually won in 2020, through the largest vote fraud ever conducted in American history. Can they succeed? No! Will Americans give up their freedom? No! We will never surrender!

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