Lyndon LaRouche on America's Mission: Why the British Really Launched the Coup Against Trump

December 24, 2020

manifest desity 2000 lhl

(P.S. Joe Biden Thinks You’re Too Dumb to Figure It Out)

In 2000, during a visit to New England as he campaigned for President, Lyndon LaRouche discussed the principles upon which this Republic was founded, that which forms this nation’s actual Manifest Destiny. Unfortunately, the only video of this speech we have been able to find has been edited by EIR magazine, but a link to a transcript of his full remarks is included below. LaRouche says that our mission is to ensure the General Welfare and to nurture the creativity of every American through unending economic progress. Our mission, our “Manifest Destiny,” is to export that drive, to push the frontiers of science and technology in order to develop the vast areas of the earth now plagued by ancient forms of empire and colonialism. Joe Biden banks on his repeated claims that Americans are too stupid to figure this out, and will willingly embrace a new Dark Age of continued de-industrialization and endless wars, rather than fighting the fascism which his fraudulent presidency is determined to impose. Here is a link to a transcript of his full remarks.



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