How Are We Manipulated By the Enemies of the American System?

December 9, 2020

How Are We Manipulated By the Enemies of the American System?

Those who rigged the election on Nov. 3 are the same as those who ran the fake Russiagate narrative. They have been manipulating Americans through Fake News, through Fake Environmentalism behind "Manmade Global Warming," and by promoting the belief that humans are animals, fighting other animals in a war to determine the survival of the fittest. This is how they get away with sending our children off to wars which benefit corporate interests, but offer us no security; how they can hand over trillions of dollars to the wealthiest swindlers, while shutting down American industries, farms and small businesses. It's the "British imperial System", the historic enemy of humanity, something known to great thinkers from William Shakespeare to Lyndon LaRouche. To find out more, join me online for the Schiller Institute Conference on Dec. 12-13, titled "The World After the U.S. Election: Free Sovereign Republics, or Digital Dictatorships."

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